ReBoop Episode #3 but I labeled the file #4 so…

In this episode, we get into a lot of stuff.  Its been a while since we’ve recorded.  I (Jeff) have been fighting off a sinus infection and a cough that would’ve made me even more unlistenable.  John’s just been a busy man cause he has a social life.  The main points are below.

  • Roster Issues
    • Injuries
    • Lack of wing depth
  • Frustrations with Thibs
  • Trades
  • Lindsay Whalen
  • Awards (All of the awards go John’s pick then Jeff’s pick)
    • ROTY
      • Simmons
      • Donovan Mitchell
    • MVP
      • LBJ
      • Harden
    • DPOY
      • Draymond Green
      • PG13
    • MIP
      • Embiid
      • Tobias Harris
    • 6th Man
      • Iggy
      • Eric Gordon
  • Record Projections 

Wolves Season 1/8 of the way in where are we BOOP-Style

T-Wolves 2017 Season Preview Pod BOOP-Style

First Wolves POD 2017 – The prediction story


John and Jeff finally find some time to talk hoops.  Its been like forever and a day.  This coming Wolves season seems worth chatting about.   Continue reading “T-Wolves 2017 Season Preview Pod BOOP-Style”