SynthHunters Ep2

Jeff and Aaron got some midi keyboard controllers.  Now, the fun starts to begin.  It’ll be way cooler when they fully understand how to record these in their respective DAWs.  Jeff picked up the Komplete Kontrol A Series A49.  Aaron has the M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV.  These things are pretty sweet.  So far we know about 2% of what they can do.  Enjoy!

Boop – Hero Hunters Ep10 but I called the actual file Ep11—opps

October update II is in the wild.  New hero Anvil is released.  Let’s talk it up a little.  Did we skip episode 10?  Maybe but who cares.

Candy Corn is going strong.  Not a lot of days to cash in on the remaining pumpkins.  Bounty event starts this weekend.  Let’s hope that its not goofed.  

Wolves Feels – 2018-19 Season Is Upon Us

I really started loving the NBA when we were in 2nd grade a few years before we met each other.  That was the first year I remember really playing basketball.  It was my second year of organized ball and the first year I cared.  I got basketball shoes and I loved the sport.  I’d watch NBA stuff on the weekend and when NBA Inside Stuff (third grade) I was hooked.  The Bulls were my team.  MJ was a god.  The first year I started playing ball was 1988 (first grade) and the first year I really loved it was 1989 (second grade) and that’s also when our cub scout pack went to a Wolves game at the Dome.  I loved it so much my Dad took me to half a dozen more games that year (no clue how my parents afforded this one with me being 7 and my brother being 2 I have to imagine there was next to no money to spare already).  I was hooked.  Pooh Richardson was my man.  Doug West eventually but the Wolves weren’t great so I still loved the Bulls.  Since everyone already loved MJ and I thought he was a god also I was for some reason drawn to Pippen. 

I always felt like Pippen played insane defense and I always felt like that was my jam.  I never had a portion of time playing basketball where I figured out scoring lots of points.  I just was never good at working a defense.  I mean honestly I was never that good.  But defensively I always felt stronger.  Since Pip was always outscored by MJ I was drawn to him.  

Then the Wolves drafted KG.  Before KG I was so-so on the Wolves.  I’d go to games every year but I didn’t really care if they were winning.  KG changed that, I wanted them to build a contender around him.  I started watched and learning about the pieces around him.  The college season mattered.  The draft was important.  Understanding the process of finding gems in college mattered.  I started trying to understrand why guys were killers in college and got killed in the pros.  

My basketball IQ started expanding and I was understanding the game at a different level.  I started to see patterns within the league (nothing brand new just started seeing the stuff that lifers have been living with).  There are eras.  There are windows.  The game evolves constantly.  If the big man is valuable today, understand going to figure out how to make non-bigs valuable.  Its just constant evolution that is tied to the greater development cycles.  

I’m a fan of the NBA but its really through the lens of the Wolves.  

Here are the Wolves in 2018 going into the season.  They’ve got as much talent as they have in over a decade.  You could make arguments this is their most talented team ever.  The ceiling in high.  It feels like the whole thing could implode or just fail to leave the pad.  The KAT/Butler/Wiggins combo is sick if they are all on the same page and clicking.  I don’t think we have seen that yet.  I don’t think they are trying to get there either.  Butler doesn’t appear to think Wiggins/KAT have the internal drive to be winners.  Wiggins doesn’t seem to think there is friction.  KAT clearly doesn’t like Butler big-timing him.  It seems to be adding layers and levels of difficulty to the game to be fighting within your own team.  

When you go around and read the various season previews for the Wolves there is a large swath of variance.  The Wolves could be the #2 seed behind the Warriors or they could be in the #10 spot looking for ping-pong balls.  

I’m not as worried about the record.  I don’t honestly think anyone beats the Warriors this year unless they are wrecked by injury.  Or if there is some unforseen infighting between their stars.  

The Wolves need to be judged and growth.  Where is KAT arguably today in the NBA at the 5 position?  What developments will he make this year?  Can he become the scariest low-post scoring threat in the league?  Will there still be 15-20 games this season where he’s a no-show or non-factor on the offensive end?  Does defense matter to KAT?  

Wiggins what are you?  Wiggins are you a good stats, bad team monster?  Wiggins are you just a monster?  Wiggins will you show-up for more than 70 games this year?  Wiggins can take over a game.  Its happened way too infrequently but it can happen.  Can we see that wiggins this year.  The one that just decides this game is shut-down in the first five minutes of the fourth.  Again this has only happened a few times in his career to this point.  Or is it going to be the defer to the crowd Wiggins again?  

Butler is the person everyone wants to talk about.  I don’t care about Butler.  Butler is going to be good where he plays this year and I think for 2-3 more years.  Should the Wolves resign him this next summer if given the chance? Yes.  Should the Wolves trade him for $0.60 on the dollar yesterday?  Yes.  Butler can change games for either team.  Butler appears to be as much of an issue in the locker room as he is on the court.  Do I think the Wolves should’ve moved Butler this summer?  Yes.  Do I think Thibs things he can change Butler’s mind and get him to resign in Sota for max money next summer?  Yes.  Do I think Butler lives up to a 5-year max contract next summer?  No.  I think Butler’s game won’t age gracefully.  I think Butler will see a precipitous drop-off in his defensive skills.  Butler’s outside game isn’t strong enough to lose a step.  The gravity will be lost.  Butler will still be a good starter for 5 more years.  Max level player?  Nah.  The Wolves will be hitting their peak in 3-5 years.  KAT/Wiggins are young.  We can’t forget that today.  Lining their windows of success up with the rest of the team makes a lot of sense.  The win-now approach when you have GSW in the league as they are currently constructed is foolish.  Plan and play the long-game.  Look at what LBJ is doing in LA.  He’s building.  He’s not constructing overnight.  

The Wolves have rookies too.  Where will Thibs work them into the rotation?  Will Thibs develop anyone?  Does Thibs care about 2-4 years out?  Or is it this year or bust?  

Glen Taylor saved the Wolves.  That’s one of those statements that always has to be said about Glen Taylor.  Past that Glen Taylor has been pretty awful for the Wolves.  As long as Glen is calling the shots we are going to see odd stuff like this Thibs drama this summer.  I’m game for Glen selling the team or stepping down and letting someone else in the family run the show.  I don’t think that’ll happen but its probably time.  

Minnesota Timberwolves 2018-2019 Season Preview The Feels Edition

John and Jeff banter their way through current feelings with the coming season.  There are more questions than answers.  What are fans supposed to do?  Just call each other semi-regularly, record it and put it out as a podcast.  That’s our plan at least.  

Week 4 Recapper’s Death Dance Part 2

Week 4 maybe you should play a phone game instead

I haven’t looked at a lot of fun stuff on the internet this week.  This is pretty funny.  
Before we recap the individual games here is a quick look at the standings as brought to you by Number Munchers where you can learn how to do math with the goal of finding higher scores in the coming weeks. 
The Ringer is doing an NBA meme contest and its good.  Check it out.  Unless you suck then don’t.
Before we recap the individual games here is a quick look at the standings as brought to you by the Black Hart of STP where you can drink beer, sing, dance, make merry and be about 1,000 from a soccer stadium.

Waiver Wednesday update:

The biggest news that I know of here is that we didn’t change the waiver wire set-up and we need to have a vote to make a decision.  Or just everyone yell and Andy and me to change it.  
Maybe someone in there was a big deal.  Hard to get excited about Fitzmagic getting bench for Winston.  Touchdown Jimmy Jesus to IR and Dez got cut too.  Rough week.  

501st Vs. L.Cpl Underground
Last of the Undefeat-eds
*{shhck} – Imperial troops have entered the base! Imperial troops have en-{shh-pmk}* <Carrier Lost>

Yes the old gypsy hex of pointing out how good someone is came back to bite Nicholas in the fuselage as Tim’s army swarmed the battlefield led by this year’s single biggest gun, Alvin Kamara (29.65 points/game average during Ingram’s absence… sheesh) and a spattering of lesser but still powerful clones like the “sound-playing” Ertz (16.2 for Phi as they lost to Ten. GOOD. Would that they lose many more to come) and Atlanta’s Ridley (19.5 beating projections by 10). After last week it appeared The Colonel could do no wrong, eschewing recommended moves and blasting projections, but parity is an unsentimental goddess, and this week only 3 of Nicholas’s 15 players would score above where the Yahoo Gods™[may they be praised] thought they would. He’ll welcome back Cam Newton and Chris Thompson, but there is a lingering chink in the soldier’s armor as both his tight ends are out. He’ll battle Jeff’s Team this week as LCpl introduces himself to Ray Finkle… probably with his Gun out, in a duel of 2 and 2 teams. Schwartz’ be with you all. 

There has been some chatter on should we switch to free agent blind bidding? Think about it folks.  It’d be fun.  

Search 107.48 v Jeff’s Team 112.6

Live by the former Badgers QB and die by the former Badgers QB. 

Ekim basically did the Texas two-step and filled in the rest with trash.  

Blaming Russ Wil isn’t really fair if Bryon ends up one game out of the playoffs.  Benching Cooper Kupp when he goes off for a potential season-high that’s the sort of thing that sticks with you.  You wake up at 2am and wonder if you should take out Landry or not cause Kupp did light up the Vikes that one time.  There might also be a potential trade here.  Look Ekim won this match-up but he’s putting Nelson Agholor out there on the regular.  Bryon, you give Ekim one of your WR and in return, Michael agrees to play the Miami defense against you forever anytime you guys match-up.  Let’s make it happen.  

In the coming week Ekim you are facing Nick and at present you are a 20pt dog you might wnt to address your lineup.  B-money you are lining up against our resident east-coast west-coaster in Steel House so please protect your coast and let’s not overthink the Kupp thing.  

Bye Week 105.92 vs. Steel House 108.90

Jarrett’s squad mounted their best effort of 2018 but were missing that confidence from their manager in the naming department to get them the extra 3 points needed to notch their first win of the season. Dalvin Cook laid a major goose egg (trade time, Carl?) and Jesse James took a back seat to Vance Magic Vance (for all the good it did SOMEONE), but it looks like he has a DEF worth keeping around. Hobbled Rodgers is surely the leading cause of Bye Week’s woes, but we’ll need to see if McCarthy and A-Rodg can get on the same page. Things are going to get interesting as Doug Baldwin and Mark Ingram start to get some looks for Bye Week. 

Steel House has made a few wise moves beyond auto-drafting (which looks like a great draft strategy to YOURS TRULY right about now), grabbing DeSean Jackson and James Connor, who did just enough to put Tom’s Team over. Looking ahead, his squad could be dangerous. Someone tell him that Alshon is back to ruin fools, or better yet, don’t. And Matty Ice is on a tear, if anyone is looking to trade things up. Who wants a QB controversy each week, anyway? NOT THIS GUY.

Windowless 112.98 v VideoGames 125.28
Nick scooped his projections by 1.40 points.  A pretty solid showing on the week.  THE VIDEO GAMES TUB THUMPED YOU WITH A WHOPPING 30.42 POINT IMPROVEMENT OVER THEIR PROJECTIONS.

Sorry you lost Nick.  You also lost the bench game.  Its not like you lost the real game and then had 82 points on the bench.  Nope Videogames beat you and sat some serious big knockers. 

This loss has set-up a pretty cool 1-3 matchup between the Van and the Big Head next week.  Presently it looks like a good matchup.  Let’s hope Cooper plays and shows up.  Video games is pulling Bye Week and the Byes presently have their D on the bye so we’ll see what shakes out there.  

Big Head Mode Vs. Jordy Bangs Goats
The task fell to me, to sing the song of a great duel between two legs of “You Like That?!”’s triumvirate of slavish writers. Warily I gazed over the event horizon of a struggle that would, in the space of one game, send one of them SOARING to 2nd place at 3-1 and one PLUMMETING into the near-oblivion of 11th at 1-3 [sorry Jarrett]. Vainly I sought to borrow surcease from the burden in the knowledge that it had been a game well-fought by both sides. I wasn’t. It was a slide to ruin and straight-and-arrow passage to the Promised Land at the same time. I can’t do this. I’m not worthy, and I’m not supposed to be here.I have to leave this place.  I’m out.

… {Auto-Run:.>execute: program./default/realcarl’give0010110010up>exe. SHADOW AI ALGOrITHM CARL}..Boot[robotic voice] initializing……     …..   ..

TOpiCAL REFerENce: hhEY you gguYZ like {Vikins football tte1101am??} Andy+Jeff=friendsMOCK THEM

<cAPPtion “See 001 these NUU101011110Berss?!!” they don’t MEAN anythiing101>]

COMPARE STATS: Time=Zero Andy+20 proj@111.93v99.79=jeff, Narrative ,pRECIPitito1010001us fall y=-1.1(minutes)x + 20 initial PrrJect10100010111ed win] T=end/STOP obse01110ve: Jordy=121 [{note^many left bench points!-still=WIN]}

SUMMARIZE Fututre=11010001 Andy @1-3 VS Windowless and JordyVS=CUZNUG$Narrative”3-1”3-1”both percentile.>=85% -Very FuuNN..

execute: continue ev01010ving…

Cuz Nug 135.06 vs. Laces Out 122.36
Leading the way of an unusually high-scoring week that saw 11 out of 12 teams top 100 points (don’t bother looking up who didn’t clear the benchmark, it doesn’t matter) was Zachary Ty Olson. This loss is gonna stick in Finkle’s craw (what is a craw, exactly? And what’s a craw on a confused individual such as Ray Finkle?), since his score would have bested 8/11 of his prospective opponents. But instead he had to watch Hunt, White, Cooks, and Mahomes all score over 20 points in the same week. Looks like doubling down on that KC offense has proven very beneficial to the Minnesota Wolverine.

“And seriously?” thought Finkle, “The GD Pats have to decide to give James White the most fantasy points of the season the ONE week that I’m up against him?” Improving on his high water mark by 14.6 points was all the difference it took. Finkle looks to greatly benefit from the check-down throws of a QB who knows how to Beathard, and Boyd is a solid waiver pickup, but who expects the stud receiving duo of the Michael Bros. to pool their efforts into just over FIFTEEN points? LACES OUT!

Week 3 REcaps Are Getting Tighter

Week 3 maybe you should play a phone game instead

Today is a different day and a new week starts.  To add to that new week its Andy’s freaking Birthday.  I found this picture of him at his new job.  Looks like he’s taking the chain-saw world apart.  And if you didn’t already read this HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY.
Before we recap the individual games here is a quick look at the standings as brought to you by Number Munchers where you can learn how to do math with the goal of finding higher scores in the coming weeks. 

Waiver Wednesday update:

The big thing on this week’s pick-ups?  Looks like we might need to augment the waiver system.  

Nick got Eifert and that feels like a steal.  Tyler Boyd seems to have been popular so I hope he pays off.  

There has been some chatter on should we switch to free agent blind bidding? Think about it folks.  It’d be fun.  

Time for trades yet?

Jordy bangs goats v All the VIDEOGAMES!!

by Ardy
Yes yes, two of your regular columnists were pitted against one another as early as week three. This contest would almost drive one from the fold, but happily, he’s back in action in this week’s newsletter. Carl was riding high after last week’s 65 points from Cousins and Diggs, but no one expected the Vikes would fall so flatly on their faces. At least now we know how the mascot’s nose got like that.

Last week’s champ just kept the ball rolling, advancing to 2-1 on the backs of strong outings from two Seattle veterans, and the ONE Viking who balled out. Helps that Will Fuller the fifth is officially has a “pace” of 15+ each game. Carl could have done it with some bench moves, but who is gonna bench the Vikes duo at HOME after a performance like THAT in Green Bay? No one, that’s who. Hats off to Jeff, who was able to comfortably leave some points on the bench. It’s rare to have such a cushion.

Looking ahead, Carl will be watching Big Head vs. Jordy fairly closely, plotting his takedowns of both of us in the process.  If things don’t change soon for the home team, I might be relegated to a mere journalist in this league. And all is not lost for Carl himself, who can create some space between him and fellow 1-2 Windowless van. Both sides have a bye week issue, and it’s likely going to affect Carl more, because that’s 1, maybe 2 TDs he can’t count on anymore.

Big Head Mod v Laces Out
by Jeff

Its a B+ v C grade via the old Yahoo.  Yahoo’s algorithm is lazy bro.  Let’s get deeper folks.  Brady sucked so that didn’t help Ray but it also hurt Ardy cause Brady throw to Hogan folks.  Evans got some late run thanks to FitzMagic and smoked Goodwin.  Goodwin might be hurt statswise cause who’s his QB now?  Zeke and Johnson off-set.  Oh snap that Evans boost got eaten by McCaffrey.  Finally, white silk is paying off for Ardy.  Oh nooooo Kittle just straight murdered Dissly.  Can Ardy come back from this?  Okay, Howard knocks Thomas down but then Tucker kicks McManus in the nobs and ends it.  Oh shit Ardy is dazed and its the DIAMOND CUTTER.  THE RAMS COMING OUT OF NOWHERE AND EXECUTE A PERFECT DIAMOND CUTTER.

Cuz Nug v 501st
by Ardy
For Pat Mahomes, a 25-point outing is a bit of a regression. It might have been concerning, had 7/9 positions on Tim’s side performed below projections. Kamara was a standout, and he won the kicker battle, but traitors don’t prosper in this league. Thus the gods of SKOL smiled down upon Zach and his squad, saying “don’t worry guy, you don’t NEED a kicker to win this week.” If it’s any consolation, there was no help from the bench. 

Coming up this week, Zach is up against Ray for the clash of some 2-1s. Their projections differ by 0.55 pts, but Ray has the edge as his performance this season has him sitting in 2nd place, while Nug has the same record but is sitting 5th.

Tim, on the other hand, is going up against the undisputed #1 in our league, the newcomer LCpl Underground. Smart money’s on Nicholas’ continued dominance, but the 501st is putting a burning hot Calvin Ridley on the field. Big upset potential if you’re picking games (which you can do by viewing a matchup, then clicking “pick to win” on either side). Helps that Nicholas has two guys on bye. Good luck to both.

Windowless Van v Steel House
by Jeff
Thanks Tom.  An 0-3 Kegger wouldn’t be a happy Kegger.  Really thanks to Drew mother-fucking Brees.  Dude I hated watching that guy roast the Gophers at Purdue.  That 40.54 totally covered for Cooper being Cooper.  What’s up with Cooper this year?  Nick man I’ll give you some flotsam if you’d like?  Tom was just plain unlucky this week though.  I mean come on dude can’t get a score over his forecast.  This match was pretty much over as soon as Sunday AM kicked off.  Better luck this week Tom.  Glass Joes are pretty rough so far so please don’t give them a free-pass.  Nick man you’ve got a tough one this week.  The videogames are looking for an early week bump from their slumping Vikes.  Good luck fellers. 

LCpl Underground v Search for Saq-uatchby Curt
The grizzled and gun-powder caked Lt. Cpl took one last cigar draw as he looked out over a field of dead apes. “Well,” he gruffed to his limping sergeant, “that’s one less place where THAT bigfoot could be.”
Sitting atop the pile after three games is Nicholas with consistent play and reliable production from Cam Newton, Brown and Bernard. You know I five out of nine of my starters were Vikings. He won’t have Cam Newton going into week 4 (watch those Bye Weeks, Boys!) but the military man has Baltimore. Flacco on deck vs. a favorable match-up against Pittsburg’s defense so don’t cry for him. Bryon for his part has great upside even in this his first loss of the season and even though all but 2 of his players won their real games, his team didn’t get near his projection of 109.85 this week. He’ll look ahead to Jeff’s Team for a chance at taking back the top spot from a middle-ranked Ekim Yor. They were at home and 17 point over-dogs and looked like poo; look I dropped L. Murray if anyone’s interested. GD
 The coaching breakdown brought to you by…

A man and his dog

Lcprl 88% and playing 6 out of 9 of his best options. That’s solid play, and considering 5 out of 6 of his benched players had very favorable match-ups (the green shit), it’s fair to say that the Colonel thinks for himself making him a very dynamic and self-driven adversary and one to be feared for the rest of the season.  Sasquatch  62.4% making only 4 of the nine best roster moves at his disposal. A D– won’t get you any ass, so get on the F-Series and be a Man… Ape… Beast…(?) You Fuckers.

The Glass Joes v Jeff’s Team
, Curt Lookin’ like a greased King Hippo gettin’ into spandex, Jarrett couldn’t pull over the upset against one of our more chameleon-tastic managers and now sinks to the bottom of the standings at 0-3. Things looked promising at the outset, with a resurgent Bears defense handling the hapless Cardinals and good performances by Rodgers, Jones, Funchess and Breida, but Ekim had the goods with Deshawn Watson getting 25% of his Jeff’s Team’s score and more points than his real-life Texans did in their latest loss. The future looks dire for The Joes as Rodgers continues to have knee problems, Atlanta’s defense not being able to get Jones and Ryan much field-time, and Jimmy G.’s season-ending injury probably ripping down to hinder Brieda’s prospects as the pass game will have difficulty getting established. Start pressing SELECT a bunch, Broseph!

This Coaching Grade Break-Down brought to you by

You’re All Set! The professional euphemism for ‘now feck off, ya wee grubby wanka’s!

Jarrett at 99.2% with 8 out of 9 of his best choices, and a paltry .7 off of the best… WHAT CAN YA, DO, ya know?!? At least you get an A here this week. You know this GD APP gave me the SHAME notification for my faith in Minnesota this week and forced me to walk naked down the street. If you see the pictures remember it was kinda cold- so don’t gimme no Shit. (Clears throat.) So yes, in the other corner Little Mac aka. Jeff’s Team with 96.9% and also 8 out of 9 of the best plays. Good job, Guy, and I hope you and your family enjoy the Arby’s coupon.
Now go watch Thursday Night Football! And SSSKOOOOOOLLLL, VikingS!!!