Arsenal is on the March

Here come Arsenal

Cesc is on fire.

Adebayor is on fire.

Van Persie is on fire.

Toure is on fire.

Wenger is on fire.

They have some questions in the posts. I’d like to see Robert Greene come to the team. If Jens can make a come back, and I can never doubt Jens they have a world class keep. Almunia is a serviceable back-up. He hasn’t proven himself as a starter at the club or national team level. I’ll give Alumia that Spain has a ton of talent ahead of him, but that having been said I don’t see him ever getting the nod there unless there are some three big time injuries. In Greene Arsenal would have a bridge Fabianski. If Wenger thinks Fabianski is the future Greene sounds like a good answer for now. Greene has played well over the past calendar year. Playing with an actual team in front of him, Greene might be able to push Paul Robinson. What I’m saying is that Greene would be a better link to Fabianski, but Greene might also have some actual promise for the future. I see no upside in Almunia, he probably has already peaked. Jens is on the downward side of a great career. Jens is still a great keep but I think time may have caught up to him this past summer.

The outside right flank will be a position of interest for Arsenal. Eboue is a great player but he’s still in the transition period coming from the right back position. It should be interesting to see how teams attack the right side of Arsenal’s squad. I imagine with two defenders playing out on the right in Eboue and Sagna I can’t see a lot of attacks starting out on that side.

I hope that Hleb comes into his own a little more over the rest of the season. Hleb has the potential to become a real creative presence, he just needs to find the net a little more. Cesc, and Diaby should really take the pressure off Hleb. There is so much depth on Arsenal that Hleb might not see the pitch a ton. I also think that could be good for him. I see Wenger putting him on the field in situations that will be the best for Hleb’s development. Let’s hope he’s able to bag ten goals this season.

This team should have at least three ten goal players. That having been said if their big three cool down, I’m not sure where the extra firepower will come from. My money is still on Arsenal to pick up the league crown.

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