Arsenal V Fulham

Fulham still suck

Fulham came out punch-less and toothless. I didn’t like the line-up they trotted out. Soel Ki-Hyeon? Look if I was ever to score four goals in one season in the EPL I’d be blown away and so would the EPL for that matter. The fact that he’s getting a run-out for Fulham says a lot. Is David Healy on the outs or what. They are bring in what twenty strikers, all with more pace and size then Healy. For the record I love Healy. I love the passion and the flair he brings to the pitch. If Fulham are done with him then QPR should snap him up instantly. To me Fulham need a stalwart in the middle of the pitch. Arsenal were never stressed. Nor did Arsenal need to make any changes. Fulham had six mid-fielders on the pitch and they couldn’t run anyone off doggedly. That speaks to Arsenals fitness, ability and Fulham’s lack there of. I really hope Fulham are able to stay in the top league. Brian McBride will be back soon, and there are reinforcements in-toe. Let’s hope they find a decent second half worth of form. They need help across the entire pitch. Davis and Davies need to play to their abilities. Dempsey needs to be utilized. They need to find a back-line pairing that works at ;east slightly better then a funnel.

For the record I think Marlon King was good at one point in time. That point in time was probably before his last injury. I think he will be a five million pound waste. It might not even happen with the current hang up on his medical report. Let’s hope Fulham are not just throwing their resources away. That much cash on a full-back would make more sense to me.

I like Johnson as I have stated before. I like him with Dempsey. I like the element he brings to the game. I like the flair he showed this past summer in the MLS. I like his attitude towards “proving” himself as worthy of all the hype he received coming up through the US ranks. I think he can prove a worthwhile buy. Will he be able to fit in straight away? Johnson’s fitness could be lacking straight away. After a few weeks his match fitness should be up to snuff. Johnson has never proven himself with the US on their travels abroad. I’m expecting the second half of the season to be a learning period for Johnson. The rub their is that Fulham need a spark now. That need is going to see Johnson pushed into the starting XI earlier then need be.

Arsenal are the real deal

Straight away they had this match. I’m not totally sure if they needed to walk out of the dressing room. Wasn’t this supposed to be a derby? Where was the flair? Where was the passion? Where was Fulham? Fulham are on their way down and Arsenal are showing their pedigree and look like true title contenders. I don’t think they need to bring anyone in to the team. I could see them adding a back-up keeper and possibly depth at the left-back position. They are stocked in the middle of the pitch and they have plenty of options up-top. RVP is out for a little while with his niggling hamstring, but once he is back in the squad there are going to be issues getting all of their starting strikers enough starts and enough balls. Eduardo is looking solid. Adebayor could take home the golden boot in the EPL this year. Arsenal also haven’t lost a match when Adebayor has found the scoring sheet. Let’s hope the strikers are able to accept a rotation slightly better then some of the promising young mid-fielders.

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