Bye Bye Macca

Steve McClaren was given the ax early this morning. I hate to admit it when anyone loses their job, especially here in the United States, but I’m glad. I haven’t seen anything convincing from Macca in his year and a half term. There are way too many amazing players in the UK to be able to manage them all, its not Macca’s job to know each and every player that’s why he has a staff. I found the English squad’s line-ups as of late to be lacking any imagination or constancy. The 4-3-3/4-5-1 hybrid was interesting but ineffective. England needs to know who their best five players at each position are at present, they need to know who their best five players on the rise at each position are, they need to know who their best five young players at any position are and they need to know who their best five players on their way out at any position are. Injuries happen, so do drops in form and its a managers responsibility to manage their players.

Bob Bradley drives me insane here in the US because he has been shuffling old, young and in their prime players. Bob Bradley knows who and what he has at present in the US talent pool. US players play all over the world, mainly due to a weak domestic league. Bradley has scouts all over the world. Get this he actually trusts non-American scouts. I know its crazy to even mention but some of the best scouts, coaches and back-room staff for the US national team are non-native Americans. England sadly could take a lesson from the emerging power that is US Soccer.

The English FA now has to go out and find a new manager. Will they look domestically? Are they looking abroad? Will they go European? Are they going to tap into the South American talent pool? What kind of contract/leash will this new manager be given? Is this a job anyone in their right mind would even want?

England need to make a short list. They need to take their short list, burn it. Get a pile of cash together. Find Jose Mourinho and make him and offer he simply can not refuse. Then they need to get back to basics, just like USA Basketball has done. They need to work on series of formations and bring players into the team that work best in their formations. If Gerrard and Lampard work well in their new systems they need to utilize them…if they don’t play well in the formation/systems that England is going to use they simply need to be dumped. England is bigger then their players. They need to play as a system in a unified fashion. That is part of why I wanted to see Beckham in yesterday’s match. Beckham is an amazing individual talent, but he also understands how the team concepts needs to work. I hope that England can have the fortitude to think of the Country before the Super-Stars.

I hope England hire a manager who can control the wildly out of control egos of the English players. I look for the English players to fall into line and accept their roles in the system. I hope England can focus on playing football, not making highlight reels.

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