Champions League Oops!

I meant to write up a bit about who I thought was going to make it through the group stage before these last matches started. That and I’m not blogging live on this one due to work. I’ve got it taping at home and I plan to tear through it later in the evening. When I hit that up I’ll throw down my thoughts on the current state of the Champions League. The group stage is usually interesting, but nothing real tends to happen before February. I hope today’s matches are good.

Scotland is going through a rough patch. I haven’t done any research yet, but they seem to have real finical issues. Their last two managers have left for big pay-days elsewhere. Its probably just due to the fact that the money in the Premiership is just that good. Its too bad when a manager is successful at a National Team Post, the Nation he is working for can’t fund his wages. I wish them much better luck then I wish England in their search for a new manager. It also looks like Russia might be in the midst of their own managerial situation. Looks like this is going to be an interesting January transfer window for both players and managers…Rafa Benitez might be out the door too?

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