Champions League V. UEFA Cup

Its hard to beat the Champions League, its on ESPN stateside, but I’ve been watching the UEFA Cup these past few years and its still great soccer. This past weeks Champions League matches were untouchable. Chelsea falling to a “lesser” team in Turkey was awesome. Liverpool v Arsenal was super tight. Sure there might have been a bad non-call again Dirk K but it doesn’t matter now and the return match in Liverpool is going to be killer. You have to wonder how Chelsea are going to show-up back in London? Lampard looks like a player who wants out period. Chelsea are just as talented at Manchester United and Arsenal but it sounds like their back-room has fallen apart. Who is going to be left come next season? I think Drogba and Lamps are gone. Wouldn’t surprise me if Joe Cole, Essien, Wright-Phillips, and pretty much any of their defenders sans Terry fly the coup. Who doesn’t sound frustrated at Chelsea right now? The drama is just so rich and that’s why the Champions League has over the UEFA Cup for me. I don’t really care if Tottenham have to tear up their roster because of a fall from grace in the UEFA.

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