Chelsea V Arsenal Thoughts

There were a number of brutal tackles through-out this match. Has the Chelsea v Arsenal derby become a violent affair? I really hope it hasn’t but Eboue is probably done for the season, John Terry looks to have broken his foot and the match ended with Cesc and Cole slugging it out. Fabregas delivered a crunching tackle, but Cole didn’t need to take a swipe at his face. It was a brutal match through and through. I hope that neither Terry or Eboue is seriously injured but I’m not holding my breath.

The match opened up like anyone would have expected. Both teams trying to feel each other out. It was a cautious yet attacking game for the first thirty minutes. Then the tackle on Terry slowed things down completely till Arsenal’s corner before half. Cech misplayed the ball there is no doubt about it. Gallas was in the right spot at the right time to finish off the slop. Makes you wonder if Gallas new something from the training pitch about his old team mate that came in handy.

It also makes you wonder if Chelsea’s switch made sense. William Gallas comes through again. How does the Ashley Cole for William Gallas and cash deal look now. Gallas has become Arsenal’s Captain Fantastic. Cole has proved to be a more then competent left back, but has he been a true world class player? Ashley Cole wanted out at Arsenal and Chelsea’s depth at the time in central defense seemed outrageous. With all of the injuries Chelsea’s backline has sustained over the past year and a half moving Gallas looks like their most disastrous move. The thin back-line surely added to Jose’s demise. Wayne Bridge and Ashley Cole? I know they have both been extremely frail but did it ever make sense to own them both? If both players are healthy they should be on the field. Outside of those two Chelsea’s left-footed options anywhere on the field are slight. Adding left-footed depth made sense. I’m just not sure two left backs at or nearing their individual primes made sense. Gallas has been that last piece Arsenal needed this season.

For so many quality players this match was lacking in entertainment. I wouldn’t have missed a second, but looking back it could have had more. Arsenal’s passing was beautiful. Van Persie is quite the sub to be able to bring on. Chelsea probably have more overall talent on the pitch but Arsenal have more flair and they also have a passing style Chelsea can’t play or cope with at present. Arsenal’s beautiful game is extremely fun to watch and the sky is the limit for them this season. With Eboue out probably for the season they are going to have to probably add a left-wing. Chelsea need an out and out striker. I’m sure they’ll have options come January but I hope the Yakubu rumor is rubbish. Also, I love Sheva but he likes as if the game has passed him by. Attacking players need pace and his is all but run dry.

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