England V Croatia

  1. The line-up for England looked like a 4-5-1 but it seems that Jose Mourinho has slipped into England’s backroom. With two of his former charges, Shawn Wright Phillips and Joe Cole, play in advanced wide mid-field positions.
  2. The 4-3-3 pays off with an early shot on goal
  3. Horror as Croatia finds the net in the 8th minute. Scott Carson let in a long range blast…I thought I had called for David James…didn’t I?
  4. It is over with a second goal in just the 15th minute…how did the back-line look so bad? Scott Caron is going to have to be subbed out isn’t he? Wenger looks like even more of a genius with he Eduardo purchase
  5. England has better prepare for the estimated 1 billion pound loss to their economy if the National Team doesn’t qualify, because it doesn’t look good
  6. Corner in the 20th could produce something…Eduardo clears
  7. I am sure that all of Russia has breathed a sigh of relief
  8. Abramovich is probably already looking into purchasing Eduardo
  9. At present Russia have not scored…if Russia tie or lose England is in no matter the outcome of today’s match
  10. How long till one of the back four is subbed out to add to this attack?
  11. Croatia is in a complete defensive shell
  12. Kranjcar scored the first goal I don’t think I gave him credit yet
  13. Kranjcar and Eduardo are giving the English everything they can handle
  14. The English midfield is currently lost…this 4-3-/4-5-1 hybrid is not working. I wish they would have played a diamond with Gerrard and Lampard in the middle, Beckham on the right and Cole out on the left
  15. Lescott and Campbell confuse me and I’m just watching this. They assuredly are not on the same page with Richards and Bridge
  16. McClaren has done a disservice to all with his over-managing…name a squad a week ago and run the boys through their paces together to create/foster team-unity
  17. Cole or someone need to be moved up to support Crouch or they are going to have to sub someone in. Crouch is playing masterfully but he has no one to aid him
  18. England might as well have not put Crouch up-top if they weren’t planning on supporting him
  19. Save count Croatia 6- England 0
  20. The tackle on SWP for the yellow card was a rough play and if it had been a red I wouldn’t have minded it one bit. I wonder what will be said after the match and if there will be an extra measures taken
  21. Gerrard dives quite a bit at Liverpool and it goes in his favor, so I’m glad he isn’t rewarded for that one
  22. Russia have scored…all is but lost for England
  23. Close call as Barry shows why Beckham should have been capped in the 40th
  24. Two stellar tries for Croatia in the 40th and 42nd minutes but they just weren’t able to seal the deal on those two
  25. What will McClaren do at the half? My guess start shopping around his resume. I know that Birmingham are looking, but maybe something in the MLS is more his speed
  26. Its not even half time and England look like they would have been roughed up by Malta thusly
  27. What happened? The US v South Africa was a better match then this rubbish
  28. 99 and counting as Beckham is set to come on for the second half…he’ll be joined by Defoe
  29. I had written earlier in the week how Crouch and Defoe should have been teamed together up-top now out of desperation it looks like its going to happen
  30. For those of you keeping score at home England now only have one sub left
  31. Barry and SWP came off to make room for Becks and Defoe
  32. England had 51% of the possession in the first half…they turned that into a 0-2 hole
  33. The second half is under way…looks like Crouch is still playing by himself
  34. Life…Life…Life Defoe is taken down in the box for a PK and Lamps puts it away in the 56th minute
  35. More of the same with Defoe and Crouch on different planets
  36. Oh my god…oh my god Beckham/Crouch team up to possibly save England. Beck’s cross is smartly put away by Crouch
  37. I’ll grant that for the time being McClaren’s subs are the difference makers but they should have been in the starting line-up
  38. Eduardo is off and Petric is on in his sted…I’d imagine carrying that card Bilic wants to see Eduardo through to this summer with-out a red to his name
  39. The action is coming at a faster pace then in the first half…I’m not sure that England will have the stamina to see this one through
  40. Gerrard is a great player and will be forever known for his brilliance with England. That having been said I still don’t like him. Even if Lamps had a horrible World Cup I’d rather see him running around with a smile then Gerrard’s snear any day
  41. I would also like to point out that Lamps has a notch in this match…Stevie on the other hand has a few nice looking swipes at bouncing balls all for not
  42. The sky is falling the sky is falling…Petric scores with a cracker from the outside
  43. Joe Cole is off for Darren Bent…three on top…England need a goal
  44. The switch came at the 81st minute so with his ten minutes on the pitch for England today Bent will see more time with England then he will for the rest of his career at Tottenham
  45. The three Lions really need this three headed monster of Dr. Frankensteins to pull off some magic here in the waining minutes of this match
  46. Even if England pull this one out McClaren needs to be gone
  47. Croatia with the added defender…Croatia still look like they could add another
  48. Maybe Becks has another wonder-strike in him?
  49. I expect Gerrad, the car killer, to let me down…I know that Lamps gets excited…this is an important match and this is an important stretch and they both are killing me
  50. 3 minutes of added time…I almost can’t watch this…why’d he start Carson?
  51. I obviously could careless about Croatia but it has to be asked how could they let England back in this game?
  52. Big corner in the 91st…can England convert? Come on Becks!!! No, no, no, no, no!!!
  53. Croatia is into time wasting…not sure why they didn’t start that in say the 30th minute
  54. It is all over England lose
  55. Now, I’ve switched it over to Russia v Andorra its in the 90th minute and Russia is up 1-0
  56. England need a miracle to be saved and I don’t think Andorra is up to the task!
  57. They are in stoppage time but Russia isn’t showing much of the ball
  58. The game is over and Russia are through to the Finals
  59. England has just blown a golden chance gifted to them by Israel this past Saturday
  60. I imagine McClaren will step down before the weekend is over, if not during the post match press conference
  61. Beckham is sitting one cap shy of 100 and its just not simply going to happen. Unless, the next national team manager gives it to him just for one final run out. That would be extremely classy. I’d like to see a friendly against Scotland where Becks gets his 100th cap

I’ll write up my final thoughts on this match and the rest of the goings on in the Euro Cup Qualifying for today in a little while.

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