For England

Dear England:

I’ve been watching you play a lot over the past five years. Its hard to not be amazed with the talent you have across the entire pitch. True your keepers have hardly been able to hold the jocks of any of your field players. I mean come on you have an amazing everything else so a slightly suspect goalie should be more then easily covered up with all of the other talent. That’s not why I’m writing. I’m writing because I want to see beauty not just brawn. England need not be thugish or brutish in your style. A lighter airy style would suit you just fine. I know I’m a blasted yank, but I was just sort of wondering if you are going to keep with this ugly football?

Fabio doesn’t have a reputation for beauty, but he does for success. I’m not sure I want just pure success. I want the best soccer possible. Not long ball after long ball while you grind it out in the midfield with a high trap. I’m sure the boys will be more fit. I’m sure the boys will be more mentally prepared. If it too much to ask for a few brilliant passes? I know that Frank Lampard can carve up defenses so why not let him? Let’s see some style, some beauty and some brillance.

I wish you the best of luck England. I know that I don’t have to wish Fabio anything, he wouldn’t be listening anyway. Now, that you have a manager who can actualy manage you should be able to make a run another major trophy. As always time will tell.

In the coming week I plan to look at Fabio’s record in depth. I want to run through the EPL and speculate on the transfer window. I’ll try to give a quick run down on the Champions League. Till then enjoy the season…

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