Friday Night Brief

A) What are the LA Galaxy doing?

B) I like Fulham but is it a great ploy to stock pile this many strikers? Especially when none of them are out and out proven top flight scoring threats?

What are the Galaxy Doing?

The Galaxy are done in my mind. They are going to have to make some moves to really get me excited. David Beckham is undoubtedly the best player in the MLS. Landon Donovan was at one point in time the best player in the MLS. Now, I’d probably rank him in the top ten for sure, but maybe the top five…if I were drunk and hanging out with him top three.

Let’s look at the front end of the LA’s line-up, just for fun. Of course you have Donovan, but there really have to be questions about him. Donovan’s got a great creative thrust, amazing pace, fairly good vision and a knack for getting PK’s. Does that make Donovan a forward? Or is he a creative midfielder-the 10? Carlos Ruiz is coming back to LA. I can’t say I’ve been keeping close tabs on Carlos. He’s got talent and he was pretty good his first time in LA. Then you’ve got Edson Buddle. Really that’s probably about all I need to say. Buddle had promise. Operative being had. Last year was his worst year in the past four. Playing an entire season with Beckham could be just what the doctor ordered. Edson had difficulty scoring last year, he couldn’t seem to find the back of the old onion bag. I hope Edson finds some form, otherwise who knows this could be his last year playing soccer at this level? Quavas Kirk is only 19. Kirk has thrown up two doughnuts these past two years. Kirk has speed, a powerful shot, could use more/better touch and he seems to need a little magic. Kirk just hasn’t been lucky in my opinion. The rest of the guys they have are more or less deep cover in case two or three guys are injured or suspended. Who here with the exception of Buddle can turn their back to the net, with real success? Donovan and Ruiz are both undersized, speed players that really need space to create goal scoring opportunities. Ruiz is more of a clinical finisher who finds ways to be dangerous around the net, despite his size. Donovan knows how to score but he’s a freaking head case. They seem to have enough options, to me it’s just going to depend on who shines through.

Having Beckham in the midfield shores up the middle of the pitch. Who is going to play with him? Mathis is past whatever prime he had. Simply put I’d like to see the Galaxy add someone to the middle of the pitch.

Xavier is the heart of the defense. That says a lot, a lot. They need people on the back-line. This might be a good place for them to add foriegn talent.

Joe Cannon is gone. What are they going to put in goal. Maybe they’ll put up a clean sheet at the beginning of each half?

LA has attacking options. They have a ball controlling, slick passing all world mid-fielder. What else do they have? Sold out matches. That might not sound like a lot but having Becks sells tickets. Selling tickets makes you money and makes you more appealing to players. LA should be able to recruit and they should be able to pay new players. Who will they bring in? In all fairness I’m not a Galaxy fan. I am a fan of the MLS and I think its extremely important for the MLS that the LA Galaxy and David Beckham do well in the coming season.

To Fulham’s Woes

Fulham is adding Eddie Johnson. I’ve been asking for someone, anyone in the EPL to add Johnson. Eddie has such amazing pace that it’d be great to watch him in the wide open EPL. Plus Eddie had a good season this past summer. Eddie needs to develop a back to the net game a little more. Playing with Brian McBride can’t hurt that development. Marlon King, like Johnson, adds size and height. Will he or won’t he be coming to Fulham. Healy, Kamara, Bouazza, McBride, Kugi, and Dempsey make a fairly long list of “striking” options. I put striking in quotes because most of these guys have played up top and in the midfield for Fulham. I am excited to watch McBride return. Moving Dempsey back into the midfield is going to allow him to show his creative strength. This team has 34 players with out their additions from this week. They are going to need to move a few players out of the club. I’m going to watch their match tomorrow and I’ll compile some more thoughts.

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