Fulham…also known as USA East

Manager: Lawrie Sanchez
Ground: Craven Cottage
Capacity: 22,000
Pitch size: 100 x 68 meters
Year formed: 1879
Previous grounds:

Team Grades

Strikers: B
Midfield: B
Defense: B
Goal Keeping: B

Fulham have three stars from the USA. Fulham are going to be an interesting team in the coming season. I don’t think they have added enough to become a force, but they might have enough if some key players have career years to stay up at the end of the campaign.

I love what Sanchez has done with North Ireland. Due to his success there I have faith that he’ll find some creative pairings over the comings season. However, I think he may have counted on too many unknown players this summer in the closed season. Sanchez has signed a fair number of guys with out Premiership experience. I know that he has coached Healy and a number of the other boys along his way but I just hope they have the quality for the Premiership.

The strike force is going to be fun to watch. Healy, McBride, John, and Kamara should make a decent to solid striking core. Out of selfish greed I want to see McBride paired up with Healy. If Healy can replicate the form he’s been seeing at the national team level this could be lights out up front.

In the midfield they have some interesting players that could add up to a decent midfield but there are more questions then answers here. The USA homer in me wants to see Dempsey play as much as possible. I imagine Sanchez will find a solid rotation in the coming season.

The defense should be decent. Zat Knight, Carlos Bocanegra make up a solid backline and there are plenty of players on the squad to find options in the coming season.

Antti Niemi should be a solid bridge to the youth movement Sanchez and company are bringing in to the team. This is part of what separates the Manchester Uniteds of the world from the Fulhams of the world. The big four have solid players from top to bottom on their roster.

In the coming season Fulham will have a struggle on their hands to be anything more then a bottom feeder. Sanchez will really have to show his meddle to pull off anything better then 14th place in the coming season. I look for Healy and McBride to both net an easy 10 but I’m hoping for a double 15-that would straight rock.

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