I hope New Castle fall into the Sea

Joey Barton’s PK was weak. Allen Smith got clipped but it was after he was out of the play and he totally went down. It was a harsh PK to give in extra time. Especially after Dempsey was rail-roaded on the other end not a minute earlier. I just thought it was weak sauce. Howard Webb came off as a bit of a tool. I imagine he’s got stock or something in New Castle.

Other then that the game was totally boring. Dempsey and Healy didn’t really connect together all that well. I wonder what Lawrie Sanchez is going to do in the January transfer window? I know I’ve heard rumors but it’ll be interesting to see who is finally chosen. Dempsey could always slide into a wing position or even into the 10.

Fulham probably needs to look more for a keeper then a killer forward. I’d even think they would be served to pick up a ball controlling or creative midfielder. I’d imagine a run at Landon Donovan wouldn’t be out of the cards. The LA Galaxy probably need to drop some salary and could probably use some extra funds to bring in some more youth. A Dempsey/Donovan combo in the attacking third with Healy in the mix should be solid.

New Castle seem to be at odds with themselves. I think its time to move Martins, I’d say he didn’t look inspired in the least. There are plenty of teams who would pay top dollar for his kind of proven quality. The only real detractor in Martins favor would be the upcoming African Nations Cup. I am sure Chelsea, Aston Villa, Real Madrid, AC Milan or pretty much any club in Europe would love to have him in their ranks. Time will tell but I think this is a good time for New Castle to move him because they’ll probably be able to find more money in return due to teams needing quality stikers for the stretch run.

On a whole this match was a bore from whistle to whistle. The PK was a horrible way for the match to end. I hope the Fulham can turn their luck around in the second half of this season. If not Sanchez might find himself back managing Northern Ireland.

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