Keanely In Command

Roy Keane’s Premiership managerial career starts in less then a week. Here is a low down on what Sunderland is going to look like in the coming season.

Sunderland Association Football Club
Manager: Roy Keane
Ground: Stadium of Light
Capacity: 49,000
Pitch size: 115yds x 75yds
Year formed: 1879
Previous grounds:* Blue House Field, Hendon
* The Grove, Ashbrooke
* Horatio Street, Roker
* Abbs Field, Fulwell
* Newcastle Road
* Roker Park, Sunderland
* Stadium Of Light

Nickname: The Black Cats

Team Grades

Midfield: C
Defense: C
Goal Keeping: B/B-

Coming in hard down the back stretch of the closed season, its Roy Keane making a move off the rail. There have been ups and downs and so far the season hasn’t even started. Roy Keane has landed a few decent players in the closed season, but he has missed on a few prime targets as well. With the recent addition of Craig Gordon though the tides could be turning…

Starting from the back end this team has a solid number one in Craig Gordon. Gordon has to prove himself in the Premier League, which by the way is a lame change from the Premiership to the Premier League weak. Gordon should be a good number one, not so sure he’d be a number one at Manchester United or Liverpool but he should help this team scrap through the relegation fight.

I think they are thin at the back line. They have enough starters but I don’t think they have the depth past that point. Maybe there is someone they can add before the window closes but we’ll have to hope its a solid starter in the middle. Keane knows defense and I am fairly sure he’ll have his team playing together with a cohesive focus. This is a team where the system is going to play as big a roll as the players. With the addition of Gordon behind them this defensive line should hold strong.

Carlos Edwards is a good player, I’m not willing to call him an out and out stud but he’s good. Kieran Richardson needs to prove himself and get his career back on track. Can Kavanagh be the calming factor that he needs to be? I am looking forward for someone, anyone to step-up and take control of the middle of the pitch for this team. I can see lots of overlapping from the outside backs to help add or bring width to the overall attack of the team. This is English football and I imagine we’ll see tons of long balls bypassing the mid-field completely.

At the front you need someone to turn to is that someone Chopra? I hope the rumors that Keane might sign Andy Cole are rubbish. Sunderland don’t need yet one more old striker. If they need something extra a month or two down the line, then sign him. Andy Cole isn’t going to kick start much of anything past his moped. Add someone here please Roy Keane this is the top flight in England and you need someone that can take all of the attention and the pressure. Right now Sunderland have Keane they don’t have a creative difference maker. There is still time in the transfer window for a Tevez like signing to come to Sunderland.

This is going to be a tough fight for Roy Keane. Keane hasn’t been able to land all of the targets he has wanted so far in the run up to the new term. I want Keane to do well and I want to see Sunderland stay up this season. Let’s see a few key acquisitions and if not we are going to need to see brilliant managing from Keane.

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