Lawrie Sanchez is Axed

Fulham United axed their manager Lawrie Sanchez today. Who’ll be in to fill his shoes next? This really isn’t the greatest gig in professional soccer let-alone English soccer but it is in the EPL.

The papers are all reporting John Collins will be the next in line. Sanchez hasn’t even been with the club for a year. Sanchez arrived on scene last April as a caretaker boss, replacing Chris Coleman, and once he stepped down as Northern Ireland manager became the full time manager of Fulham in May.

There have to be other canidates. Slaven Bilic has declared he’s not interested. I like the current rumor that Jurgen Klinsmann is possibly interested in taking over the helm. I’d love to see Fulham bring in a seasoned manager. It seems they should have the finical wherewithal to bring in a “super” manager. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Jose decided to come back to London?

That’s the rumor that I’ve been hearing. Jose Mourinho is interested in possibly joining Fulham. The interesting part is that he’s interested in working at a club that doesn’t have the huge finical clout of a Chelsea or a Barcalona but that is still in a top European League. Think about it if Jose truly is the “Special One” he’ll have Fulham playing in at least the UEFA Cup within two seasons. I can only imagine that within four season’s Fulham would be in the top four if not contending for the EPL league title. Can it be true? I think over the next few days this rumor is going to play itself out. On multiple levels it makes sense. Being back in London Jose can rub his success in Roman Abramovich’s face. Chelsea are a natural rival. Jose’s family would be able to stay in London, where his wife wants to live. Who wouldn’t love to see this. Is Jose that cocky? Is Jose that good? Can Fulham pull off bringing him?

I’d sort of like to see Bruce Arena get a shot at Fulham. Arena already knows Dempsey, Bocanegra, Keller, and McBride. Arena also knows a few solid American prospects that are currently available in the January transfer window. If Arena were brought in they would have to make a play for Landon Donovan and possibly Josie Altidore. Fulham needs a stiker or a midfielder to give them an extra push. A right back wouldn’t hurt and a keeper for the future would be nice too. All things that can readily be found in the States. If a new striker is brought into the club Dempsey could easily move into a creative midfield role, that’s a place where he’ll make a much larger contribution then up-top. Arena is an interesting candidate because he doesn’t fit the mold of the EPL, he’s not well known, but he has the credentials to pilot this ship.

I imagine that Fulham will have a new manager by the New Year if not by Thursday. Let’s sit back and see who it turns out to be. 100-1 on Jose is my call, but man that would be great.

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