MLS Cup Live

  1. The national anthem was excellent. You can’t go wrong with one of the Three Tenors (Really its one of the two tenors now, so that’s all the more exclusive. RIP Luciano Pavarotti.
  2. In the third minute I was reminded that I was watching the MLS when Matt Reis dropped the first shot he saw of the day. Luckily for him De Rosario had his back to the net so he couldn’t pull the string on a shot. Man it was some sloppy keeping
  3. Avery John is a beast on the back line but he got away with what should have been a PK.
  4. Craig Waibel looks like he shouldn’t be on the pitch. He’s hobbling around worse than Tiny Tim
  5. 20th Minute Taylor Twellman is a great finisher and he burried that one in the upper right hand of the net.
  6. De Rosario hasn’t had enough of the ball to this point
  7. 22nd minutes and Houston has gotten screwed again. Waibel’s cross clearly went of the arm.
  8. For those of you scoring at home Avery John took Nate Jaqua down in the box around the 15th
  9. Both of these teams are playing 3-5-2 systems. They style of play is wide open back and forth. I’d rather see them playing in a more traditional 4-4-2 with the outside backs overlapping the midfield. With only three on the back line both teams are way to wide open on the counter attack
  10. I’m fairly sure that Dwayne De Rosario could make it in a better league. De Rosario is probably a little too small to make it in the EPL but I could surely see him in Italy, Portugal and maybe even in Spain.
  11. Sloppy game so far. Lots of chippy tackles. Tons of poor passes in the middle.
  12. Twellman is good but I don’t see why the US is wasting time on him or Brian Ching. They are both too old to just now be breaking into the National Team. Right now the US has a ton of youth lets just tap that. If we spend time developing our youth it’ll pay off down the line. I just hate to watch us bringing in 27,28,29 year old guys. Why?
  13. Joseph has a flair in the midfield. I like how he controls the middle of the pitch, not just for New England but he’s controlling Houston’s tempo too
  14. For a final this game is super boring
  15. Houston has a 27% pass completion rate
  16. New England is crushing them with a killer 50% completion rate
  17. Pat Onstad is totally Canadian
  18. WTF the ref blows the whistle just as New England puts the ball into play off the corner kick…lame
  19. I think that MLS players tend to be small
  20. American commentators are awful

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