MLS Cup Second Half Live

  1. Joseph Ngwenya evened the score on an extremely messy goal. Matt Reis let that one slip in under him
  2. Waibel and Smith had an interesting confrontation down the left flank. Watching it live it looked like Waibel might have taken Smith down just outside the box. On the replay Smith totally took a dive. Smith took by my count three dives in the first half.
  3. Waibel and Smith kept yapping at each other on their way back down the field with the ref running along side them. Out of nowhere Smith head butts Waibel. After Waibel laid on the ground for a while trying to make his cheek bleed the ref gave Smith a yellow. Smith was lucky, it could have easily have been a red
  4. Dwayne De Rosario just snapped the back of the net in the 74th. I hope someone poaches him. If Derby County is watching this match they could do worse. If De Rosario moved to Birmingham, Derby, or Sunderland he’d be the best player on their team
  5. Both teams have totally forgot to play defense this half
  6. I don’t think ESPN Classic will be replaying this match any time soon
  7. The ball they are playing with is super lame (I can’t imagine playing is the shadows with a dark silver ball…silly MLS silly)
  8. There are 40,000 fans at this match, which is way better then the MLS was doing even five years ago
  9. Major League Soccer is in its twelfth Cup Final and I have to say this game has displayed what the MLS really is all about. There have been a lot of open field plays, goals by two of the biggest super stars in the MLS (Taylor Twellman and Dwayne De Rosario) but it has also showed how the MLS isn’t quite there with the big leagues of Europe.
  10. Right now the game is 2-1 in the 86th New England needs to start pressing more
  11. Onstand just won the Cup for Houston with a serious save in the 87 off of a corner kick…wow
  12. This game has gone nuts. New England has eight guys up top their keeper is positioned at the top of his box
  13. New England is just lobbing balls in deep
  14. Houston is in a complete and total defensive shell, I think they might have ten guys back
  15. “The Revolution should not have been televised,” a beautiful women who walked past me at the coffee shop I’m watching this match at happened to mutter this under her beautiful breathe.
  16. One minute left what’s New England going to do? Probably send all 11 guys forward
  17. I’d love to see an empty net goal…that would be hilarious
  18. Taylor Twellman looks like he’s going to cry
  19. That’s it the final whistle blows and Houston is your back to back champions
  20. New England has now lost the past three MLS finals.
  21. New England won the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup and I think the winner of that get something around $1,000,000 for winning the cup. I’m not sure maybe its more?
  22. Two seasons in Houston, two MLS Cups…not a bad record

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