Monday Thoughts Edition 1

I am just going to prattle off some of the things that have been bugging me…I’ll use numbered bullets so its easier to follow. I’ll try to follow up on some of these thoughts as the week goes on

  1. McClaren needed to be gone before he came. Steve was outmatched and outwitted in practically every match he managed the English team. England need a manager that can match tactical wits with the best of the best. Not, someone who understands the ins and outs of tea time.
  2. Jose Mourinho should be managing the English National Team by weeks end!
  3. If its not Jose then it should be Fabio Capello.
  4. The FA won’t pull the trigger and it’ll end up being a solid English Manager, but someone who doesn’t have the European experience to lead the team into the thick of competition.
  5. Players need to compete at a high level domestically to be ready for International competitions. A large part of high level domestic competition is inter league competitions. The Champions League being the prime example/model for the highest level of domestic competition. Players that participate in the Champions League are far greater prepared to partake in international competitions for their individual countries.
  6. La Liga has more competitive balance from top to bottom then England. That parity makes La Liga extremely interesting to watch no matter the match you have tuned in to see.
  7. It looks bad for Liverpool and Rafa. The Americans are coming, the Americans are coming and Rafa might want to throw his name in the hat for the next English manager because come December 15th if he hasn’t secured a spot in the next stage of the Champions League he’s out the door.
  8. If England hasn’t gotten off the pot and hire Mourinho by the time Hicks and Glazer come to town in the middle of December its going to be a lot easier for them to send Rafa packing. Mourinho would look awfully good on Liverpools sidelines.
  9. The MLS need to find a way to make their season competitively viable with all of the leagues from Latin America. The MLS should be able to pay comparable, if not greater salaries then most Latin American teams. With relatively equal rates of pay the MLS should be able to poach a fair number of Latin American soccer players. The MLS needs to continue their work developing young talent in the States. They also need to be able to have more club competitions their southern neighbors. Right now the MLS season runs all summer long and there is little to no way that MLS teams can compete with Latin Teams because they are not in season at the same time. The “champions league” rip-off they did last spring was interesting but it wasn’t on nearly enough American television sets and the MLS teams were extremely rusty to start. The soccer that this competition produced was no way near the level of soccer one sees when they watch the European Champions League. It was a nice start but it needs work for sure.
  10. Its too bad Billy Davies got axed. The players he has to work with based on their talent level are somewhere below Premiership caliber but yet above Championship caliber. Davies probably could have spent his transfer kitty a little more wisely, but he’s also had to face a lot of tough challenges in the first half of the season. I would look for Derby to make a climb out of the cellar, probably not all the way back to safety but I don’t see them as the 20th best team in the league.
  11. Derby has some youngsters that deserve an extended look. Why not now? Unless, they need to unload them in January why not play their youth from here on out this season? Derby is obviously looking to the future. I love the way Matt Oakley and company compete but maybe its time to sit down a few of the current squad to look at the futures squad.
  12. Birmingham and Bolton are all but completely written off for this season. I see those two teams going belly up sooner rather than later.
  13. Bolton is one bad day away from self destruct. Now, is the time to move Anelka. If Bolton go down his value will be decreased dramatically. With no Anelka, Bolton will only win by chance.
  14. Birmingham are going to be lost on the pitch, the training room and probably even around town. Their manager is gone. Their players soon are going to be completely caught up in the storm that is their managerial situation. If McLeish is installed at the helm, then maybe and this a huge maybe order can be restored. If things don’t get sorted out soon Oliver Kapo, the lone bright star this season and a chap I was singing the praises of this off-season, will be out the door.
  15. Manchester United need to shut-up and play football. They need to do their talking with their game. I loved watching them play last season. I think they are coming around and playing more as a team and more openly. I hate to hear them constantly screaming about meaningless BS.
  16. Arsenal are in position to create some distance. If they can get a ten point cushion by the middle of January its going to be tough for the rest to run them down. Right now they are three clear with a game in hand.
  17. The January transfer window is going to be crazy. There should be more moves and more dollars spent then any other transfer period. The wealth of the Premiership is getting to a ridiculous level. Now, its going to be interesting to see who they deem as needed.
  18. Are any big name MLS players going to head east this January? I think there are a few players in the MLS that would make solid additions to teams across Europe. Can/could the MLS cope with possibly losing three stars?
  19. Why do Essien and Mikel get so many bad calls against them?
  20. Who will be sacked next?

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