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The transfer window was huge this year. Tons of money was spent. Big time players moved. From a show glance Chelsea look to be big time winners. Anelka is an amazing player, so far he’s looked good for the Blues. Portsmouth also could come out big winners. Once the Benjani situation gets sorted out they could be clear winners in the EPL’s midwinter spending spree. DeFoe has already notched one, Barros looked to be finding himself and with the added funds from Benjani transfer Portsmouth could see themselves sliding back into the top six.

I’m still not sure what is going on at Fulham outside of losing. They have decided to try to make a last second push back out of relegation. One could also argue they are setting themselves up for a Championship Campaign. Honestly their young players would probably be served to season themselves in the Championship for one season. A one year drop could really help Fulham resort their squad and ready themselves for a strong push towards relevance in the EPL.

Its interesting that Chelsea are the only one in the big four to make moves this January. I was looking for something at Liverpool. I would have loved to see them add to the midfield. I guess in a way they did by sealing Macherano’s deal full-time. Sissoko is a stud, he wanted out but they’ll miss him for sure.

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