Saturday Rumors Gone Rampant

  1. Will Jozy move? The rumor of the day has him in Spain with a possible first team run-out with a solid showing today
  2. Eddie Johnson only has played in 72% of the US National Team matches over this past year. With the regulations standing at a minimum of 75% for an automatic work permit in England. All signs point to him receiving a conditional working permit.
  3. Sweden are bringing their “b” or “c” team to face a mixed US National side. The US are going to bring some of their top flight players but look for a bit of an “a” team/”b” team mix.
  4. Fred’s move the England has hit multiple snags. Mainly due to his outlandish contract demands.
  5. Michael Owen isn’t happy in New Castle…could a possibly move to Chelsea be in the works?
  6. Liverpool are in flux in ownership, management, and that has led to their players general unrest.
  7. Charlton are sellers and seem to be readying for the drop in the coming season.
  8. QPR are looking to add studs across the pitch. Jonathan Woodgate is a possibly target. Would Woody be interested is the only question?
  9. If Owen is for sale QPR have the resources to put their names in the hat. Woodgate and Owen would be a major coup. Would it be enough to make QPR contenders next year?
  10. Reading need to add a midfielder. Michael Bradley has blipped on their radar. Could a solid showing over the next week and a half lead to a move?
  11. Goochi is in club hell. The giant American has a reputation for bad yellow cards. After a short spell at New Castle last season he hasn’t been able to find a sniff from any clubs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move back state side.
  12. CSKA Moscow have a number of players catching the eye of EPL teams. Is this due to EPL owners ties to Russia or is it due to actual talent level? Is CSKA willing to part with any of their talent for large cash returns?
  13. The LA Galaxy have be stock piling salary cap space for the coming season. They have a number of attacking options but they are said to be looking for another European threat in the midfield. Could Figo truly be a target?


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