Saved by Arsenal?

Chivas USA is a good team by MLS standards. They are probably in the top five if not the top two or three in the MLS. Brad Guzan needs a parachute out of the US. I love would love to think that this rumor I’ve been hearing about a possible move to Arsenal is true. Jens Lehman has gone completely and totally nuts. Arsenal is a young team with so much potential that they just can’t risk having someone kill the mood in their club-house. Manuel Almunia has had an amazing season up until this point. Almunia’s history doesn’t leave me with tons of confidence, you got me I’m an Arsenal supporter. Lukasz Fabianski has tons of potential. To me the question becomes who has more potential, Guzan or Fabianski? Selfishly I’d like to see Guzan get Fabianski’s minutes at Arsenal. I’m not sure who is better between the two. Guzan is a physical specimen. The US has a fairly good history developing world class keepers and I think Guzan is the next great thing to come out of the states. {I know that I haven’t mentioned Vito Mannone yet to this point, as far as the Arsenal rolls go, he’s got zero chance of being a starter in the EPL.} Can Guzan supplant Fabianski? Sure more then likely Guzan is better than Fabianski I can accept that. Can Guzan be the man to deliver Arsenal to the promised land this season? No, I don’t think so. I don’t really have all the confidence in the world behind Almunia. I have even little faith in Lehman, I just can’t see him regaining his form and dominating again. That having been said I’d love to see Guzan in an Arsenal kit. On a side note Almunia is crazy, there is no way he’d ever play for England so why would he say he’d love too? Let’s hope that the Arsenal rumors are true. I’d love to see Guzan as the back stop for this season’s EPL Champions! Just for fun I’ve added a short Brad Guzan video.

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