See you in the cellar

Manager: Chris Hutchings
Ground: JJB Stadium
Capacity: 25135
Pitch size: 110 x 60 meter
Year formed: 1932
Previous grounds:
Nickname: Latics

Team Grades

Strikers: D
Midfield: D
Defense: D
Goal Keeping: C

Read my lips “Wigan is going down” there is no way that Wigan stays up in the Premiership in the coming season. Wigan’s coach quit at the end of last season. Wigan just sold their best player. Wigan haven’t added any marquee players for the coming season. Wigan hasn’t shown me they are intent to stay in the Premiership, let alone do anything noteworthy.

Let’s look at what they’ve done in the closed season. They lost one of if not their best player to a fellow EPL counterpart. Losing Leighton Baines sucks and losing him to Everton sucks even more. They did add Titus Bramble on a free and Michael Brown, from Fulham another team that will be looking up the tables all season long. Titus Bramble must have receive some decent personal terms or maybe he has accepted the fact that he’s not going to be the next Rio Ferdinand. Thusly their defense is going to be suspect.

Chris Kirkland might get to see the most shots in the EPL during the coming season, but I don’t know if that’s something a team should be known for, their inability to defend or control the ball in the midfield.

Heskey is a solid attacker, but I think they are going to have to just play boot ball to attempt to get him service. This is a bad team in a good league. If Wigan wants to stay competitive they are going to have to add players.

I’d love to see Wigan become a respite for US national team members that can’t find homes elsewhere in Europe. I think Oguchi Onyewu would look great at Wigan and it would afford him a second shot to prove himself in top level competition. Eddie Johnson would look good at Wigan, his blistering pace would match well with Heskey. When Landon Donovan gets tired of not being the brightest star in LA he could move over next January to help push Wigan out of the relegation zone. These are just silly dreams I’m having to see US players get more top level exposure.

Happy trails Wigan, and it’ll probably be a good three years till we see you back in the EPL again…

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