Soccer is coming…

I really am going to write about soccer. I’m currently just working on the functionality of this site and then I’m going to update the style. I hope to be finished with this all by the weekend. I apologize for not writing about soccer in a while.

Here are a few thoughts…

US Soccer is at a huge cross roads and has been for ten years. We have a domestic league that is up and coming but is it currently strong enough for our higher end players?

The MLS is an emerging power in world soccer. That having been said the MLS is still ten to twenty years from being relevant world wide. The level of play from the early days to now is amazingly different. Early MLS was slow, plodding, direct and lack true star quality. Early MLS players may have had a known quality but there was no one who could control a pitch on a world class level at the time they were in the MLS. I remember watching Ramos and Lalas and being excited that professional soccer was here in the US. Three years later I was left wondering where the MLS was headed. The youth movement is finally starting to come through. Now what? I don’t feel like the current system of bringing guys along after college is viable long term. 18 year old prodigies are going to head overseas. They are going to go where the money is and that’s not in college.

Right now the MLS isn’t good enough for our top end talent. Having one or two marquee players on a club might only be stifling the development of unknown talent. It also limits our truly talented youth. Jozy Altidore should be playing every game in New York. If he isn’t injured he should be playing. That’s the only way to develop US stars domestically. What good does it do to go and buy someone on the extreme down turn of their career to get in the way of the development of a possible US super star? For right now that is the drum that I’ll beat. The US needs to play and develop its potential. Donovan is doing a huge disservice to himself and the national team by playing against weaker US talent in our domestic league. Donovan should have stuck it out in Europe. On a higher note Clint Dempsey looks like the real deal. His displays at Fulham this season have been amazing. Dempsey has amazing touch and feel for the ball. His limbs are almost magnetic when it comes to receiving feeds. I look forward to watching him come even more into his own.

I know this post is a bit disjointed. I’ll work on making things a little more stream lined over the next few weeks.

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