South Africa v USA second half

I sort of like the whole list idea I had during the last post. I’m just going to straight off to that…

  1. First half started with South Africa controlling the pace
  2. Come the 25th minute or so the US took over control
  3. Steve C’s goal was nice
  4. The tackle that took Cherundolo out just before half was surely deserving a card
  5. Dempsey had a sweet play in the 48th that should have been a goal
  6. Edu set-up the goal in the first half as far as I saw it…maybe there was an amazingly quick flick by Adu but I didn’t see it
  7. The feed still sucks
  8. The commentators are rough…really rough. I almost wonder where I can apply because they obviously need someone who can understand the game, keep up with the pace of play and still add insightful comments through-out the match. Currently we have two talking heads that are about ten seconds behind the match…I guess this could be due to the horrible feed.
  9. Guzan is an interesting player to have on the US squad he’s so young and has a decade or two of solid goalkeeping ahead of him
  10. One of the interesting competitions in the near future for the US team is going to be for the number 2 keeper spot behind Howard. Guzan probably needs to play abroad to have an honest shot at being the number two come World Cup ’10
  11. If the rumors are true I’d love to see Guzan playing at Arsenal…I don’t think he’d be the first option there so it might make sense for him to move to a team closer to the bottom of the table in the EPL or even a team in the English Championship
  12. Back to the commentators. What is with all of the talk about Dempsey playing as a provider instead of a finisher? I’ve watched most of Fulham’s matches this season and I watched their final ten matches last season. Dempsey is a number 9 player not a number 10. (An explanation of the numbering scheme that I’m referencing)
  13. Adu and Donovan are the number 10’s that I see on the US roster
  14. 62nd minutes and the US are starting to drag a little tail
  15. Spector looks really confident at the right back position. Way more then he did last year. I’m sure that has a lot to do with all of the playing time he’s been seeing at West Ham United
  16. Califf looks like he belongs on American Choppers. Maybe he can play? I can’t say I’ve seen enough yet to this point. I can’t believe that Bob Bradley couldn’t have found someone who is a little younger with a little more promise for the future. Nevertheless, its cool to know we have a thug on the field.
  17. Dempsey off, Altidore on
  18. 72nd minute should have been a PK. Upon further review it was probably a good no call
  19. McCarthy probably went down easily. Edu needs to be more careful in the future
  20. I don’t like this whole one forward three guys sort of playing in the hole formation…it bores me. When the ball gets to the striker they have to hold for the players under them. The US doesn’t have a Drogba caliber player to hold the ball up and feed Beasley, Adu and so forth. I think we need to be playing with two attackers up top.
  21. 80th minute the US has hit a wall.
  22. Sacha Kljestan might not be a bad super-sub
  23. Still like the ball they are using
  24. Bradley probably should make a change…I haven’t been keeping track of the subs, we are probably out. The US is dead on their feet
  25. Feilhaber can’t break-in at Derby…is this a favor to him to be playing in this match? Its the 86th and he’s being taken out. Feilhaber didn’t look awful but he wasn’t blowing me away either. I’m still not sure why Derby doesn’t give him a run. Derby is completely awful. Wouldn’t Giles Barnes and Feilhaber be an interesting combination?
  26. Califf just threw his fifth elbow of the match, that I’ve seen. Remember he didn’t come on till the second half. Still no cards
  27. Spector just made an interesting move with the ball. He was the last defender back and he had the ball. Not so sure I like to see that sort of action coming from our back-line. That having been said I like the way he pushes forward. I should also mention that Spector did play himself out of trouble, even though it looked ackward
  28. Califf just gave away a free kick in the 90th minute. Califf seems like a less technically gifted Gooch
  29. Where is Eddie Johnson?
  30. Congrats USA you’ve just won the Nelson Mandela Cup.

I’m out for now. I’ll probably find something that bugs me later in the day.

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