South Africa v USA

I’m looking for some nice open flowing football from the US. I’d like to see a number of guys that don’t tend to get a lot of playing time.

Some quick observations from the beginning of this match:

  1. The feed is extremely poor
  2. The US has started on the back foot
  3. The pitch is tiny
  4. The ball they are using is sweet (I want one)
  5. Pearce is playing at left back. I’m sure his family will be proud
  6. We are in the fourth minute and the US is sucking wind way too much for only being four minutes in
  7. Gooch should quit shaving his head and grow out some crazy hair…or at least a killer beard
  8. Dempsey is a thug (he could use a solid Mohawk)
  9. The new South African jersey’s look like the old LA Galaxy threads (maybe they got a deal?)
  10. Boca is a great captain and a great calming presence on the back-line
  11. Thank god Adu is playing. I’m looking forward to a few passes Dempsey’s way that should stress the defense
  12. Beaser needs to establish himself in the flow
  13. The midfield is a little odd today. Not sure what the US plan is. It looks like we are playing long and wide and forgoing building from the central part of the pitch. I’d love to see us develop our outside attack. I also worry that we need to establish Adu at the “10” position with Bradley at his back.
  14. McCarthy is probably the best player on the pitch…he good…he real good
  15. Adu made a sweet play in the 10th down the right side. Awesome spin move to get space on the touch line and it led to a nice corner to Dempsey
  16. I’d still like to see more Adu in the middle of the pitch
  17. The pitch looks really hard. The grass looks like it is a bent variety. Thusly the ball should skip quite a bit. I look for Dempsey and Adu to have a real creative, beautiful game today
  18. Howard looks solid in the posts
  19. Adu needs to have 75% of the attacking builds run through him. Adu really have vision for the next pass that only special players see
  20. The US really has the height advantage

I’ll write some more while I watch this match…

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