Sven with Me!!

Manager: Sven Goran Erikkson
Ground: City of Manchester Stadium
Capacity: 47,726
Pitch size: 106.571 × 71 metres
Year formed: 1880
Previous grounds:
Nickname: The Citizens, The Blues, City

Team Grades

Midfield: B/B+
Defense: B-
Goal Keeping: B (due to injury C-)

Sven Goran Erikkson found a new home in Manchester City. I have to say it doesn’t surprise me that he’d be working with someone as evil as Dr Thaksin Shinawatra. At least City is spending tons of money on a new team. If they all come together I imagine Sven will be able to buy himself a passable squad. In the past folks have criticized the likes of Chelsea of buying a title, it should only be a matter of time that the calls of Sven buying a tenth place finish are sounded.

City have brought in eight new players in the past month really breaking down what they have is going to be a little more tough. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a try. I’ll just move through from back to front.

The whispers are that Sven is going to give Kasper Schmeichel a go for the first match of the season. I know that they have injury problems at keep right now but it’ll be interesting to see who Sven decides on in the end. When Isaksson is healthy he will undoubtedly be the choice at keep. If Schmeichel can show some ability early in the season he might see more action later if not with City then maybe in a January loan deal.

The back line with have Dunne and Richards teaming in the middle. They should be a stout pairing. Dunne is a warrior and he never gives up nor does he shy away from any tackle. Richards is young but will be a killer in the air and should be aided by Dunne’s calm presence. On the outside I think Sven might try a bit of a rotation but all of us City Fans should see a fair amount of new boys Corluka and Garrido. The Mills boys add depth and I’ll have no problem if Sun gets moved along. Onuoha and Ball should see a fair amount of first team action as well.

Finally a team to review that has some midfield creativity. Petrov, Ireland, Blummer, Geovanni, Fernades all can make mysteries on the ball. Petrov adds an option on the left, not sure if he can do anything with his right foot. Dietmar “Didi” Hamann is the wiley veteran that could add a calming presence throughout the mid-field. With his age advancing Didi will probably keep sliding back through the midfield, no longer being a real attacking force. Just like Reyna did a few years back Didi should bring a solid presence to the middle of the pitch and allow for the younger fliers to attack from all sides.

There are a ton of strikers on this team. More accurately there are a ton of players that called themselves strikers this past season. With them are a few actual strikers that Sven has brought in lately. Corradi and Samaras should be gone. I’d love to see them prove me wrong but they are more then mere place holders on the pitch. In fact I’d rather see City play a real man down then with either of these fools on the pitch. Hopefully Vassell can regain form and chip in his share into the old onion bag. Valeri Bojinov and Rolando Bianchi are going to be interesting additions. As shown in the past Sven has an eye for talent at the club level, maybe one of these two will turn into a real show stopper at City. Mpenza adds depth and has shown the ability to score in the past.

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