The Joyous Manchester City

Hamann was all over the field today. For a guy who has looked a bit long in the tooth all season long he really showed up today. I know he was a real world class talent at one point in time, it doesn’t surprise me that from time to time he can show up and really put on a display. I was sort of surprised that he controlled so much of the pitch. It wasn’t a creative influence. When Bolton were starting anything Hamann seemed to be there to put a foot in the way. I just really enjoyed his play. Hamann has amazing headers.

This match was all over the place. There were enough goals for an entire day of matches, let alone one match. My favorite goal was probably Vassell’s back-heel, I couldn’t help but think of this lame dry manager at my college who couldn’t handle his players using the back-heel. Scott Mayforth if you saw that what are your thoughts?

Micah Richards is a great defender and so is Dunne but Anelka is just that good. I know he didn’t score but he put those boys under pressure quite a bit. Lots of open flowing play and Sven did a spot better manager then his Bolton counterpart Gary Megson. Megson has brought more passion to the pitch for Bolton, but I have to wonder why Bolton’s players aren’t clicking. Big Sam must have had some magic potions? Bolton are probably going to have to add two or three attacking players in January. I’d say two if they don’t move Anelka and three for sure if they do. I wonder if the likes of Mark Viduka would be available? Eddie Johnson would be interesting in a Bolton kit, there wouldn’t be too much pressure and they could assuredly use his pace. I’d think someone in Europe would be willing to give him a flier due to his form this past summer at the Major League Soccer here in the states.

In the end a very entertaining match that I’m glad I gave a once over too. That doesn’t mean I’m still not looking forward to Newcastle v Fulham or either of the two huge big four matches from this weekends run-out. I’m sure they’ll be more later.

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