Watching the New Season

Here are just a few of my thoughts so far on the current new season.

1) I think that Reading are in real trouble.
Reading need to find themselves. Steve Coppell should have brought in a few more players. They haven’t found a replacement in the middle for Sidwell. The guys who had carear years last year for the most part are playing well but the team is really coming back to the pack. It sucks. I love Reading. I think they’ll add one to four new guys in the January window. I don’t think they are going to have to worry about going down.

2) Chelsea are a mess. I think that they are going to take the rest of this season and most of next season to get things straight. The January window is going to be very telling to see who comes and who goes. I look for the Portuguese guys to ask for release, I wouldn’t be surprise if Drogba goes nor would it blow my mind if Lamps is gone by this summer. They are still going to have a strong team, but they are going to need to add punch up top and in the middle. Who doesn’t love Wright-Phillips? He and Joe Cole aren’t going to hold down the middle of the pitch all on their own. Essien is a wild card, will he stay? I think so. Essien, Mikel, Wright-Phillips and Cole would be an amazing midfield. I’d like to see one more creative player. Maybe the Sheva experiment is over? It hasn’t worked and I know the guy is a world class player, but I see no signs of him coming out of this funk. He owes it to his own legacy to move on. Go back to Italy where he won’t see such physical play all the time. I know he’s been tackled hard for ten years now. But in England every second of every game the opposition has someone marking him. You’d think with his current scoring record and the current form he’s been showing people would lay off a bit. On those rare occasions when they do, he hasn’t made them pay. Bring someone in with real pace that can allow Drogba, if he sticks around, to find a little more space.

3) Clint Dempsey is playing his butt off!
Landon Donovan is not the best player in America. Its too bad that the MLS feels the need to shove that lie down our throats. Donovan is good but he’s no Clint Dempsey. If Clint got all of the penalty kicks that Landon does I’m sure he’d have just as many conversions if not more. I’ll give you that Landon played well at the Copa this summer. Where has he been for the Galaxy? Clint’s been keeping Fulham respectable in a much more difficult league, where he isn’t the beloved golden boy. I don’t think you’ll see the kinds of ads for Clint through-out England that you do for Landon around Los Angles, at least pre-Becks. This next World Cup will prove to the masses that Landon is good and assuredly he’s a serviceable player on the world stage, but Dempsey is on his way to becoming a star. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t end up at a bigger club before too long. That having been said, Fulham is in serious trouble. They need to sure up the back side of their midfield. They seem to play with four midfielder who are all attacking all the time. There is no doubt in my mind why they are scoring so many goals and I’m not surprised that they are giving up to many either. I’d say keep that attacking mindset, but instead of rushing your entire midfield forward all the time leave at least one holding midfield player out there. Look how it worked for Liverpool last season. Zokora had some nice strikes but for the most part his job was to stay back and prevent the breakaways and odd man rushes when the Liverpool attack broke down. I’d love to see Sanchez pluck someone up like Darren Fletcher from Manchester United who could add that calming presence to their midfield.

More to come…

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