What is going on with Fulham?

Fulham United FC are in a serious spiral. I don’t really see them staying up. I really enjoy watching Arsenal play football. If I had to be pressed into a corner I’d probably say they are my team. I just love to watch football and with Fulham having Brian McBride for these past few years they have really held my attention too. I love watching McBride. In my opinion he’s top five all time if not the all time best striker to play for the US. It really bums me out to watch Fulham spin their wheels so much. I understand what is going on at the team right now. They are sifting through all of their players to see who they have and who they are going to want to keep around in the coming years. Its amazing to watch them stockpile so many players. There is no way they can really maintain this 35 or so man roster. I hope they can trim things down by the end of this transfer window. Maybe they can bring in enough talent to keep the team up in the Premiership? Presently I just don’t see it happening. They are going to have to rattle off five or six wins to pull out of the danger zone. Right now I’m not sure who they can beat in league play. They midfield is just way too under-powered. They need an out and out striker and a right back wouldn’t hurt either. I’d love to see a calming presence brought to their midfield. If I had to guess they are going to try to add a creative play-maker. Presently they have four or five creative play-maker types. Its just they don’t have enough possesion to really create. Bullard coming back into the club can’t hurt. McBride coming back soon couldn’t bee soon enough. Even if McBride is able to regain his form and add five goals in the second half of the season he’s 35 and he’s not the future. Hodgson seems to be trying to spend them to safety. I hope they land a player or two who isn’t presently in the decline of their prime. If not let’s hope the David Healy and this cast of characters find their “A” game and start bringing home some victories.

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