Who’ll It Be?

England is closing in on a new manager. I had been hoping for Jose but it looks like Fabio. The rumor is England will announce sometime today that Cappello will be handed the helm. Cappello is a stern task master. I don’t know if I’m sold on him as England’s new manager. Maybe but I’m just not sure. I like that he’s going to bring stern discipline to a squad that tends to lack heart until the last thirty minutes. It’ll be good to see England as one of the most fit teams in the world. There are going to be an amazingly large number of inter-personal conflicts. Will Becks get sent home for good? I still remember when Fabio sent Becks to the bench the first time, what about now? If Fabio is crowned the next king of the English National rank and file I’m sure we’ll see a youth movement. I know I’ve been calling for a youth infusion but I’m not sold here. Time will tell but the FA should have gotten Jose and we all know that.

The John Terry rumors are juicy too. It seems Johnny boy has been running a bit afoul as of late. Terry might be out as the National Team Captain. Who’ll fill the void? I can’t stand Steven Gerrard so maybe they’ll hitch onto Rio? I hope they decide against taking the armband from Terry and focus more on fixing the national training system.

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