William Gallas is for real

I just have to give William Gallas some love today. Gallas plays with fire, his intensity it awesome. The way Gallas always meets a tackle, never steps down from a challenge, knows where to stick his nose on every ball played into the area and just plays the game in a physical yet exceptionally beautiful fashion. Gallas is calm over the ball, has tons of graceful moves away from pressure and seems to have a sense for where to play the ball at all points in a match. Today against Aston Villa Gallas not only personified a “captain” he also showed his passion for the game. The yellow card Gallas received was assuredly uncalled for but it was also a bit of a rallying cry for his side. I am far from going to call Gallas’ game flawless, nor would I want to say he played a perfect game today. With Gallas on the pitch Aresenal seems to be able to field as much youth as they like and still have the veteran presence and leadership needed to play a well focused match. I just purely love the style with which Arsenal are playing at present. Gallas’ flair, from his hair to the way he crunches through tackles, give Arsenal spirit-especially considering Cesc’s current injury. I can’t say enough about how amazing Arsenal’s 28 match unbeaten streak was, and I must also be quick to point out that they are still undefeated in league play. Could this be a repeat of the invincibles? More or less what I am saying is Arsenal are on quite the impressive run and at present and William Gallas is currently showing quite an amazing run of form.

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