Manchester United Season Preview English Premier League 2015-16

Team: Manchester United
Stadium: Old Trafford
Old Trafford, Greater Manchester

ManU what are they up to this season?  Reshaping retooling.  Last year they had this crazy 3-across the back was a horrible experiment.  Now they’ve got a new right back Damien who I don’t know but he seems like a good-sized lad.  The big news for me is keeper and not knowing what David De Gea is going to do this late in the summer is lame.  They are starting the season with Romero in the nets.  They also could use a striker.  RVP is out.  Rooney is up top.  Memphis Depay has taken the #10 role from Angel Di Maria (who they sold at a loss?) and Mata/Young round out the attacking portion of the midfield.  Morgan Schneiderlin is a great middie that they put in the center of the pitch.  This team has splashed the cash all over the pitch.  They still need to sure-up keeper and striker.  I haven’t seen a lot of clamoring for ManU to take the season title this year.  They have to be a top-5 team or LVG is out.  Shoot if they don’t finish in the Champions League for next year LVG is gone.  This has to be a building year for ManU.  Any season this team gets hot they can win the title.  

Last year this team came in fourth.  This year they’ll be in a 4-2-3-1.  Daley Blind is sliding into the CB role.  I think that might be a bit of a waste of the player.  I think it has to do with the 2-3 part of the midfield.  With Schneiderlin and Bastian Schweinsteiger make the holding position roles.  This all adds up to a lot of turnover.  The club will more than likely have two more large moves in the works before the offseason ends.  Then it’ll take till mid October for the whole team to settle.  Rooney and the boys on hand will need to come up big.  I think Mephis/Mata should tear people up while we all wait for some super striker to come in.  

I think this team should be top four just based on the names on the team sheet to start the season.  I don’t think they can chanlenge for the top spot till they bring in another CB, solve the striker depth at least and figure out what’s happening with their talented keeper or who the new keeper will be.  The keeper is a tough one.  De Gea is easily top ten if not top five in the world.  You can’t replace that this late into the transfer window.  If De Gea goes they need to bring in extra steel for the back line.  Simple.  Otherwise it’ll be a long season again for the Reds.  

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