Wolves V Miami is not an OT thriller

The Wolves beat Miami in OT.  The Heats best player, Hassan Whiteside, was out and the Wolves just got pasted the Heat.

The Heat opened up on the Wolves with a 12-2 run to start the game.  The teams essentially traded blows till just before halftime when Sota went 16-2 to make it a two point game.  The game flow below courtesy of PopCornMachine.net shows the action.  If I don’t have time to watch a game the game flows at PopCorn Machine really help to illustrate it for me.  Basketball is a free flowing dance.  The game flows here show who is making the run and the units on the court at said time.  They have simple counting stats on the right (minutes, points, and plus/minus) and then they add in their own HelpValue stat which is just boards+dimes+steals+blocks-turnovers represented in one number.  Its still a simple counting stats that’s been aggregated for your ease.

Quick thoughts:

  • Teague had an above average night
    • He’s had a rough start to the season so one game that is where he should be as a baseline shouldn’t probably be heralded
  • Butler and Kat are both sick right now but still playing
    • Look at how the flow Kat held his own against both Bam and Kelly O
  • Kelly Olynyk’s counting numbers are good but they game against Dieng
    • Dieng is having an enough rougher start than Teague
  • Justice Winslow hasn’t reached his ceiling
    • Just watch him the edges are still rough but it feels like he’s got more
  • Wayne Ellington is asking to get freed off the end of this bench
    • If the Heat don’t have the minutes the Wolves are one of plenty of teams that should have minute rotational wing-man
  • Waiters is infuriating to watch your team play against but the Heat should unlock that dude more
  • Whiteside being out totally is goofing up their D but they shouldn’t be giving up so many 3’s
  • Aggressive Wiggins is awesome and he get to the cup anytime he wants
  • Pels got run by the Magic last night here
    • AD must’ve seen too many Boogie stories cause he played out of his mind
    • If the Wolves can weather Boogie and AD Wolves should be good on Wednesday.
  • If you haven’t listened to our rebooted pod here’s a link


Wolves v Heat Game Flow

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