Wolves V Pels

7pm tip

Locally its on FSN

  • 6th match-up of AD v KAT
    • 5-0 AD so far
  • 3pt shot should decide this one
    • Pels are taking 30.4 a game
      • Making 35.2% or 10.7 (30 points – whole shots only)
    • Wolves are shooting 22.9
      • Making 38.8% or 8.9 (24 points)
    • Pels are giving up 30.1 shots per night
      • At a shooting percentage of 38.4% or 11.6 (27 points)
    • Wolves are giving up 26.4 shots per night
      • At a shooting percentage of 36.8% or 9.7 (27 points)
    • These numbers have the
      • Pels at +3 on 3’s per game
      • Wolves at -3 on 3’s per game
    • The sample size right now throws this out of wack.  The Wolves poor defense against the Pistons and Indy is dragging down their numbers.  
      • From three
        • Pistons shot 44.1%
        • Pacers shot 45.5%
        • You can see how these are an outlier to 36.8%
  • While most people (including me) are talking about the Boogie/AD combo v KAT/Taj we can’t lose sight of the Wiggins/Butler combo v Cunningham/Moore.  
    • Whatever two wing players they start v the Wolves they can’t match-up against our wings.  
    • Wiggins and Butler should be trading buckets all night long.  I’d love to see both of them in the 30s.  

Most importantly lets look at a picture of a pelican:

Happy Pelican photograph by Ruud Cuypers

Now let’s look at a picture of a few wolves:

Photograph of wolves by Carsten Tolkmit

From the pictures I’m going to saw the Wolves win!

Who do you have?

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