Wolves v Mavs

I’m editing our latest podcast right now.  The Wolves are taking down the Mavs right now.  In the pod we said it should be a shit stomping with the starters getting pine in the 4th.  RIght now it’s looking like an early pine night.  The wolves are up around 20 and have been since the middle of the 3rd.

KAT has completely rebound from the Pelicans game.  He’s already sitting on a double-double at the start of the 4th.  The story has been more on the defensive side of the ball.  This is what Butler is going to become my favorite TWolf by the end of the year if he isn’t already.  Dude can have an off night offensively but if he can set the tone to shut down the opposition it doesn’t really matter.

One of the things John and I hit in the pod is adding to the Wolves wing depth via a trade at some point in the season.  The big issue is matching contracts.  During these gamers I’ll take note of guys that would look good in a Wolves uni and then once a week I’ll follow-up and see if any of the guys we’ve seen recently would actually be something we could swing.

One of the dudes we mentioned in the pod was Wes Mathews.  It won’t work contract-wise unless you really get after it.  I don’t know if Wes wants to come off the bench.  If those two things I don’t think are happening, do happen Wes would look amazing with the Tyus/Crawford/Bjelly line.  Otherwise, man its clear why Dallas sucks.  The lack of quality depth on the bench is why they can’t be trusted.

The wolves are letting the Mavs back into the game.  Letting teams back in is clearly an issue so far this season.  Dennis Smith Jr is going to be really good.  No freaking clue what the defense has been doing in the 4th quarter.  J Pete is pointing out over and over how communication is just not happing on the court right now.  With a few defensive possessions, 13 point game quickly comes back to 20.  They haven’t ice it cause two quick misses and a Mavs three has it back to 14.  The clear-path rule is dumb.  Buckets has Kleber beat but because he hasn’t made it across the timeline yet it wasn’t clear-path.  Just a side-out.  Buckets has an easy dunk and two steps later it’s the ball and shots.  This is why dudes commit that foul.

Wolves win but they played the starters too deep.  Not cause Thibs was being Thibs because they just didn’t close it out early in the fourth.  The game-flow in the 4th was decidedly Mavs 30-19.  The Mavs were just too far buried to pull it out.  This has more to say about what and who the Mavs are now then how the Wolves are playing.

There were positives throughout.  Namely when the Wolves still won a game that they were supposed to win.

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