Wolves Vs. Hornets: In the Flesh

The New Target Center!

It was my first chance to see the new look Timberwolves. I was really excited. I was able to secure a couple of free tickets thanks to an insider. Target Center looks great! It no longer looks like a giant concrete slab. The inside has gone extensive changes as well. There was a new entrance with lots of white marble floors. The ticketing area is off to the side more which takes away the congestion of getting into the arena which is nice. Also, the place you can your ticket to get is also much smoother and less congested.

As we headed into the arena, the first thing I noticed is that the concourses seem bigger. The other thing I noticed is how many people that work for the Wolves are in the concourse available to help. It was actually a little odd. But I get it, new arena and new players to the team. They are trying to be proactive with the fan experience which I appreciate. Our seats (I was with my buddy Aaron) were in the corner in the lower bowl. Sight lines were good and the new seats were comfortable. All in all, new Target Center is a vast improvement over the old one. Stay tuned for further reviews as I get a tour and explore the arena more.

The Actual Game

To put it simply, the Wolves looked good. Every facet of the game looked crisp. This was one of those nights where no player dominated offensively. It was a true team effort. Guys were getting buckets from corner 3s, layups, drives to the baskets, dunks, and the occasional 15 foot jumper. I liked how Jeff Teague was getting guys involved early. He had 7 assists in the 1st quarter alone. But then in the second quarter and into the second half he asserted himself. He got his points at the rim and from long range. I think in particular, Gorgui Dieng had a really solid game overall. Charlotte has decent bigs and he was able to get the hard point in the point. He was also solid at free throw line. All in all, a fun game to watch. The new look Wolves are going to have a great season!

Just so everyone knows, I finally caught a t-shirt that was thrown into the crown. It literally went right to me. It was a momentous occasion to be sure. BUT, I was really nice and gave it to a kid that was sitting next to me. He looked really happy. I told him once he’s as big as me, that he has to catch one and give it away. He and his dad laughed. Essentially it was like the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial. All in all, excellent.

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