Wolves V Warriors Part 1

The Wolves matched up with the Warriors on Wednesday night.  Its been a few days.  What are the thoughts now?

  • Wolves match-up poorly 1-6 with the Warriors
    • Teague v Steph I mean come on
    • Klay v Wiggs that’s a little more difficult.  Wiggs can get a good looking 2 on Klay more than likely and he’s shown an ability to make tough 2’s too.  Klay is going to eat him on the offensive side of the ball unless Wiggs brings his pale to work.  Wiggs just isn’t shooting well enough outside to really gain a clear advantage here.  So that’s at worst a push and at best a slight edge Wolves.
    • Butler v KD I mean I’m a Wolves fan but I can’t give this one to Butler.  Maybe I can talk myself into a similar situation to the Klay v Wiggs competition going to KD here.
    • Green V Taj I mean come on man.  Taj is playing really well to start the season but Green’s got him here.
    • KAT v Zaza this one is the worst on the board.  I mean come on man.  KAT kills Zaza so bad that it bleeds over to one of the other match-ups to equal out the starting 5 a little more
    • Iggy v Jamal dude in their primes it’d have been a competition but now nah.  Iggy still can run circles around Jamal on both sides of the court.
  • Going into this game we had one clear match-up advantage at KAT.  Cool.  The Warriors knew this so they funneled the defense to compensate.  The Wolves didn’t appear to have a plan to attack this.  KAT didn’t hurt us.  The defense was collapsing on him.  We didn’t really play the perimeter game enough.  It just didn’t seem we had a new or different wrinkle even though GSW did.
  • 3’s weren’t falling for Sota all night.  5 for 24 on the night.  Works from the perspective of that’s how many 3’s we should be taking as a baseline but come on man only 5 makes. Look at that we took one corner 3.

    Shot Chart

    Wolves v Golden State shot chart from ESPN

  •  The Wolves just need to look at the long-term chess match.  We lost this first match-up.  At some point in time, we have to look at ourselves as competition for GS in a 7-game series.  What do we have to do to steal one on the road?  What do we have to lock-down home games? 
  • I think on the road we have to bring the defensive intensity that was there in the first two-quarters of this game.  GS took our punch.  Then they came out in the 3rd with two adjustments.  Changing the initial option to force the Wolves to guard the ball-handler with Teague/Wiggs.  This allowed for bad switches or for the over-corrections that saw Butler switch ahead.  It just wasn’t a great look and then boom Klay is open or faced up on Teague and the 3’s reigned.
  •  Losing the 3rd that poorly made the 4th essentially garbage time.
  • We lost the first go.  Now we need to look this game over and game-plan for future match-ups.

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