Wednesday Yucks

Crazy day in the news here in the old US of A.  We don’t write about anything but sports typically here.  That’s still what I prefer to do.  While trying to work and keep up on the non-stop pounding of the news I got an email from a dear friend asking me what happened with Garrison Keillor.  Below is my response and my reason for not writing about the Wolves most recent homestand yet.  The Wolves issues with rotations, roster constructions, and game-play come in a far distant third to work or the news today.
The article in the Strib (here) he says he touched a women’s bare back while trying to comfort her.  Like he tried to pat her on the back but for some reason, her shirt wasn’t there and he touched her back?  I don’t really fucking get that part of the story.  The details and facts of clothing just don’t make sense to me.
Then he goes on to say its an honor to get fired when in show-business and he’s saddened that it took him 50 years to do so.  Just a really odd thing to write to a newspaper.
All of this a day after he wrote an op-ed in the WaPo (here) saying Franken shouldn’t have to step-down.  There is no way Garrison didn’t know he was in trouble when he wrote that piece.
All of this can only be back-dropped by 45dropping insane anti-Islam tweets this AM (here) and then Sanders saying it was okay for him to do so.  I mean the news right now today is too much.
The tax bill is trash (here) and Matt Lauer (here) got fired too?
That doesn’t change the fact that the Wolves got roasted last night in the waning seconds by the Wizards.
Other than that “how was the play Ms. Lincoln?” feels like all I’ve got today.

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