New Year New Wolves

Lots has happened since John and I did a pod.  Lots has stayed the same too.  Thibs is still playing too few guys in the regular rotation.  We aren’t sure who our best point guard is presently and we aren’t sure what the ceiling for this team is as currently constructed.

The Wolves are 29-17 coming off a bad loss to Orlando.  Before that, they ripped off five in a row at home.  The Wolves still have picked up some losses they shouldn’t have and last night at Orlando is why they won’t get to by 59 number from before the season started and also why low 50s might be tough.

Quick thoughts on the Orlando game:

  • Wolves only lost the 4th quarter
  • Teague and Wiggins were the only starters with a negative net-rating.  Wiggs looked flat all game.  Teague just doesn’t make sense to me.  I haven’t watched him in previous season outside of games against the Wolves.  Man, he’s not consistent.  The bench had awful net ratings too, with the exception of Bjelica.  Bjelly got ejected for a 2nd technical after he almost got his head taken off by Arron Afflalo.  Afflalo is going to get multiple games off this one.  I imagine Bjelly doesn’t miss any more time.
  • Orlando has some weak net ratings on the starting five outside of Biyombo and Fournier.  Biyombo had 5 blocks.  He got a few homer calls from the refs and Sota did a bad job of stretching him.  He had a good game.  Fournier torched us.  A career high is always a tough one to handle.  32 points on 12 of 22 from the field (6 of 12 from 3-point).
  • After the game Buckets said it was a good loss because it’ll wake the team up.  Come on man do we need to get woke?  Let’s play hard everytime the ball gets rolled out.


The trade deadline is looming but All-Star announcements happen first.  Everyone is dropping who they think should be on the team.  The Wolves should have two All-Stars in Butler and KAT.  KAT might be on the bubble because he had a weak start to the season.  Butler didn’t take over the team till 15 games ago so he might not be a starter but he’s a lock to be in the game.

More to come soon but we had to just start the juices flowing!