Instapaper V Pocket

Can’t remember when I ran these two head to head last.

Pocket won at that point in time because it was just easier cross-platform.  I just heard via Reddit that Instapaper opened up all of their premium features for free.  I’m going back in for a try.

Initially, I went to pocket because it stripped ads out.  Then it was a great way to save stuff on my older smartphone when I wasn’t on wifi to be able to read. The added features within browsers of just being able to easily right click and save is what had me hooked.

I remember trying Instapaper and being annoyed that I couldn’t use all of the features across multiple platforms without a subscription.

At the time of my first head-to-head, I had hundreds if not thousands of articles saved in pocket.  Thinking I’d read them or use them to spur creative thoughts.  It was to a point where I couldn’t even do anything I had so much content saved.  At the time I also remember the trial was related to a subscription to a paper, possibly the New York Times but I can’t remember which one.

The main new feature that I’m trying out is sending articles to my Kindle.  I know this should be an easy thing to do.  It has never worked for me before so I’m stoked to put some stuff on there easily.  The latest BP articles by Aaron Gleeman or just something on WaPo.  Just so its easy and I can read it in bed at night without using my phone because I’m trying to put that thing to bed when I go to the bedroom.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Export my current Pocket list to Instapaper
  • Send half a dozen articles from different sites to my kindle to see how it works/formats the different sites articles
    • ESPN
    • NYT
    • WaPo
    • 9to5Mac
    • The Ringer
    • The Cut
  • Reinstall the iOS app
  • Reinstall the Chrome/Firefox apps
  • Use the speed read feature
    • Not a fan so far but I get the idea it forces you to focus
  • I like the estimated read times

I’ll give it a week and see what I think and then post my updates.

5 Replies to “Instapaper V Pocket”

  1. Where be your update? 🙂 Your thoughts please…


    1. I will post tomorrow.


  2. Hello there. I was curious if you had some feedback on the change and where you went afterwards. I’m now facing the same questions and can’t decide and was hoping you might have some insight. Thank you, David


    1. I ran my little trial for about 6-months and Pocket was just more my speed. I’m back to pocket full time.


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