A week ago my wife went to the float spa. When she went she thought it was odd and a bit hokey. Then two days later her mind felt clearer and more fresh than it had in a long time. For two days she was telling me I needed to book an appointment. The first day she got back from the spa she was dogging it so hard I was skeptical.

I booked an appointment at the end of the day, the last one they had. I didn’t do any research into floating before going in for my session. The spa here in Fargo is new and clean. The women that met me at the front counter was stoked for me. She told me everything she could about floating and the spa before I got in.

the room is dimly lit. There are two rooms. The shower room and the float room. The shower room is minimal. The whole room is tiled Floor to ceiling. On one end there were two hooks for your cloths. There is a robe and slippers in case you need to run to the bathroom mid float. There was a wooden shelf for the rest of your things. It also had some towels, ear plugs and makeup removing towelettes. The shower is mounted on the ceiling. Being 6’4″ this was cool. The lighting was calming and gently. There was soft New Age music. In the tub there were two controls one for the lights and one for the music. There is shelf space in the float room for a phone or a small personal item like a phone. I wouldn’t suggest being in your phone. It’s so salty in there I can’t imagine that’d be good for your phone. The float room is basically the tub and a door. I should’ve taken pictures but I was more focused on experiencing the moment.

You take a quick shower before floating. Then you get in. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s warm, verging on hot in the float room. I carefully sit in the oversized tub that you float in. The lady who worked there had told me you’d float instantly. When I sat down I hit the bottom. Instantly I was like oh shit I’m not going to float. The whole time you are with yourself. I can’t explain enough how different it is to just be with yourself and your thoughts. As soon as I lay back I’m floating. That 5 seconds of will I actually float is over. Now I’m trying to understand the environment.

Where are the buttons she told me about that control the lights and the music. I kill the lights. Instead of a light blue faint light it’s completely dark. I love it. I listen to the music for a few minutes I’m trying to just find the most comfortable space for me. Maybe it’s this music maybe it’s not. I put my arms above my head, below my head. I’m thinking about the random stuff in life. Do I want to podcast? Do I want to keep blogging? How will the Wolves be this year? Do the Twins flip guys at the deadline? Do I like my arms by my side more than above my head? Wow my ankle is typically sore from a bad sprain years ago and it feels different. It doesn’t feel good but it’s like when people say they can tell it’s going to rain that feeling i your bones. Slowly I flex my ankle to feel everything in it. I’m trying to find the bounds of the tub. Can I float side to side and top to bottom? Where can or should I position my leg to maximize the feeling in my ankle? The Twins really should unload four or more guys. I mean they aren’t going to the playoffs so why not get something for the impending free agents? My right shoulder blade almost always has a knot in it. I’m thinking about that and the feeling in my ankle. I’m trying to focus on the not relaxing and as if on command it starts too. Then I’m wondering if it was just happening and I felt it then intuitively thought about it and created some sort of internal feedback loop. I can’t believe the Wolves hired Thibs and now I can’t believe we haven’t fired him. Thoughts slide out and I focus more on my body. I can feel that shoulder gently relaxing. My neck feels good. I am just enjoying the way the water makes your skin feel so smooth.

Instead of random thoughts about sports or politics I feel like I am choosing what’s next on tap. Floating side to side. Oh snap I sneeze. In the process I’m trying not to get any salt water in my mouth/nose. Success. I lay back in the tub. I like my damn lips. Horrible. I can’t explain how horrible it was to lick my lips. I’m back to floating and enjoying the weightlessness. Feeling my back, my neck, my legs, my arms and just every part of my body. My elbows seem to float hoveringly above the rest of my body. Like my elbows are hollow or styrofoam.

I start to feel warm and wonder if my time is up or nearing completion. Almost as soon as this thought creeps in the intercom cuts in and the women from the front desk tells me it’s time to shower. I get out shower and get dressed. The shower was amazing. Just more cleansing than most.

Overall I enjoyed it. I found it easier to focus. To be clear minded. Relaxed. It was good. I book another. More to come.

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