Shoes are awesome. I always remember digging my shoes. Early on I had sweet Kangaroos that were Velcro. The next pair I really remember is a pair of Pony baseball cleats. The tongue is really what I remember about those shoes. That and the fact they were white with minimal black accents. I was hooked.

The first basketball shoes I remember were Reebok Pumps sized 8.5 in second grade. Basketball and sports were a gateway into shoes. I needed new shoes constantly. My feet grew at a silly rate till 9th grade. I’d get a new out of ball shoes in the fall and the second pair around Christmas. New baseball cleats every spring. New football shoes in the fall. New daily kicks for school. New waterproof shoes for golf/caddying. I probably bought 6-10 pairs a year.

I’ve always had a narrow heel so Nike’s have worked well for me. I’d get new Nikes for everything. Then they were running sweatshops so I had to switch to a new brand. I tried everything. Didn’t find a lot I liked and started buying fewer shoes cut back on the sports I played. At some point in time, I started getting boutiques shoes or basically anything that wasn’t Nike.

I cut down on my yearly purchases. Had two or three total pairs. Then I started getting into running. Now I’m back to full-blown shoe addict. To help myself go through my closet and assess the shoes I have and my actual needs I’m going to start reviewing all of my shoes. One a week till I get through them all. The whole way if I can’t see a purpose for the shoe in my collection it’ll be gone.


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