Alpha Test of Zencastr

Aaron and I are getting back into the podcast game.  We just recorded a test episode on Zencastr.  Couldn’t be easier.  The only thing to do other than click the link is run the health-check within the webapp.  Aaron needed to turn on notifications to be able to allow for his audio to record locally.  Slick and easy.  

Once we were done recording 90 or so seconds of audio we ended the call.  Instantly the MP3 from each of our individual calls was put into my Dropbox folder.  I wasn’t planning to do this today so I didn’t have a halfway decent mic at my office.  I recorded on some five or more year old Skullcandy earbuds that have an inline mic.  Tinny at best man.  The ease of use really needs to be called out.  I put the two files into Audacity real quick, threw on our 3-2-1 intro (that is dated and non-specific), made it an MP3 and uploaded it.  I haven’t done any post besides adding our lame non-intro intro.  The ease of recording and having the MP3 files essentially instantly is amazing.  Here is to hoping this helps us get our show recorded a little more regularly.  

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