Gutenberg Test 2.0

Gutenberg has been in the wild for a few months now.  I’ve been writing posts using this platform and trying out the different block.  I dig it.  Being able to play with the formatting and testing out different blocks has been fun.  A month or so into I stumbled upon Atomic Block and I’ve been working in their fun stuff too. 

Favorite Parts of Atomic Blocks


Being able to add flair

Getting the different pieces to play together

Adding intrigue

Easy to edit and change

There are elements to the individual special blocks that don’t always work smooth.  I’ve had some more issues with the Atomic Blocks after the most recent updates.  I imagine there will be another round of updates to the specific plugin.  I can’t complain for a free product.  The ability to add interactive features, call-outs to specific buttons, galleries of images, video clips is just so slick and easy.  I don’t do a lot of development with my site.  I keep it simple because its really just a publishing platform in my eyes.  Simple tools that look clean, are easy to use and make for a fun back-end and front-end experience are all I’m interested in presently.  I don’t want to spend hours making something work.  I only have a few minutes play with this site in my “free” time.  

The embeds don’t always work for me.  Usually its a YouTube clip that I want to chop into a post.  Or a GIF that I want inline.  So far I’ve been able to either find simple work-arounds like using Vimeo instead of YouTube or taking an embed from Instagram instead.  I haven’t goofed around with a YouTube embed since the update this week.  I should try that again today or tonight and I’ll update this with a call-out if I do try it.

Overall, I think the Gutenberg editor is ready to be the default.  I think that the Atomic Blocks are a great addition to expand the array of blocks you have to work with.  I like dropped the accordion block in for fun.  Takes your post from Web 1.0 to 2.0 instantly.  In the few months I’ve been banging around with this I haven’t broken anything to an unrepairable level.  I’ve found it much easier to add interesting and interactive elements to my posts.  Now they just need to add Gutenberg to the iOS app and everything will be simple for me.  

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