BOOP – Hero Hunters Ep5 extensional crisis

The extensional crisis has begun.  We’ve been digging deeper and deeper into the forums.  People spend way too much time on this game.  Way too much.  And way too much money.  Jeff is spiraling on these issues.  Aaron is handing him a paper bag to relax.  Here is the forum post from today that has the guys talking.  We also talk about the customized offers within the game.  Here are two screen captures of the offer Jeff got and one of the offer Aaron got for the same character.  

BOOP – Hero Hunters Ep2

Hothead games is back at it with a new Hero and a new update.  The layout is cleaner.  We no longer care about UAF and we are now completely locked in and focused on the Morlocks.  The update added a new hero Ifrit.  That brings the Morlock faction to 7.  Maven, Razorback, Ghoul, Callidus, Phoenix and Heimlock have a new leader (strength-wise) in Ifrit.  We start by breaking down Maven and Razorback in this episode.